Most of us invest in a lot of things. Usually, we invest in the stock market, in businesses, or banks. Some will invest in getting insurance, in any trust fund, or in purchasing land. What you may not know is that the things you might deem as a luxury can also be an investment! Case in point? Luxury watches! Luxury watches might be at the far back of your mind if you are all about practicality and thriftiness. There is nothing wrong with being practical, but maybe you still have not realized the things luxury watches can do for you. Here are some of the reasons to should invest in luxury watches.

1.  Good status symbol

Not all the time can you buy respect, credibility, and admiration. Most of the time, you need to radiate these things. You need to project it with your work and how you carry yourself. Luckily, buying a luxury watch can help you gain plus points in these departments. Wearing luxury watches is only a secondary thing for people to think highly of you, but it definitely helps with establishing first impressions. People will hold you in high regard when they see you wearing a luxury accessory such as a Rolex, Omega or Panerai Watch. Luxury watches are effective symbols of wealth, success, and reliability, which is why people usually wear them for good luck during important events.

2.  Remarkable craftsmanship

Indeed, the price between those of basic quartz watches you see in department stores or grocery stores and those of luxury watches is as wide as heaven and earth. You might think it best to just buy cheaper yet functional watches if you are all about function. However, if you realize how intricate expert watchmakers create each luxury watch, you might beg to reconsider. The best watchmakers in the world use the best materials to procure a state-of-the-art timepiece. Watchmakers create luxury watches with mechanical movements with tiny cogs, gears, screws, and pieces of precious metal. With these, they carefully assemble it into a mechanism that will keep time.

3.  An accessory that never goes out of style

Designer clothes, jewelry, and others can get lost in time—with their price tag as the only thing keeping them relevant in the fashion industry. No matter how expensive they are, not all can wear them with the same relevance in fashion as they used to.

Luxury watches are different, though. They can go through different fashion trends, but a classic stays classic. Even today, you will notice that watches that luxury brands released 50 years ago are still highly sought-after.

4.  Retains and sometimes appreciates its value

If we are talking about investments, this must be the point you are the most interested in. Yes, you read that right! Buying luxury watches is a good investment because it retains its value. In case you will need funds in the future, selling your luxury watch to a reliable seller will guarantee your money back—and sometimes, even more!

With limited edition watches, their value increases over time. Since it is a limited edition, not many models of these watches are available. It becomes more and more difficult to find it again. If you have a limited edition watch you have kept over the years, watch lovers and collectors will move mountains just to buy it. You can even earn a profit!

5.  A true work of art

We might have mentioned this earlier. Expert watchmakers do not just assemble luxury watches. They make sure to create works of art because of the intricacy and craftsmanship that it takes to come up with a perfect watch. Luxury watches are on the same tier as other fine arts you see in galleries. Luxury brands create these watches with the same dedication and passion that any artist will have for their artwork. You can also see this with the precision it takes to create its internal engineering.

6.  Lasts a lifetime

We may have already established how intricate the process is for creating luxury watches and how meticulous brands and watchmakers are for choosing the right material for each model. Because of this, you can expect luxury watches to last a lifetime. Luxury watches guarantee the utmost durability for them to last for many years. Even vintage luxury watches that reliable brands created during the war still work perfectly today.

7.  Perfect heirloom

Since we mentioned that it lasts a lifetime, yes—it is also a perfect heirloom for your kids and their would-be kids! It is one thing to secure your future, but it is a different matter to make sure that the future of your descendants will also be secure. We bet that this will be a sentimental heirloom because it makes you think about the value of time. You bought your luxury watch with the money that you have worked hard to build roots and make sure their future is secure. Passing on an heirloom such as a luxury watch will be memorable.

8.  Offers utmost functionality

We have exhausted most of the reasons why luxury watches will be a good investment except the very reason why you will buy a luxury watch. When we talk about its functionality which is to tell time, watch experts do not call them state-of-the-art for anything. Luxury watches ensure the utmost precision in telling time. Switzerland even has institutions that inspect luxury watches. They make sure that the watch passes their standards of what a precise watch is. This institution is called Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres or COSC.

A memorable watch for you

Time and memory are always connected. Investing in the right luxury watch will not make your hard work go to waste. Luxury watches might just be luxuries for some, but to others, this is an art and it is their life. Now that you know the reasons why luxury watches are worth investing in, it is now up to you to look for a watch that you like and one that, in a way, speaks to you. Make sure that you get it only from the most reliable stores like