PDF must be one of the most underrated file formats of all. However, most of us rely on converting our files into PDFs because they are accessible and secure. They maintain the integrity of our files. It retains the format of our files which might also be the reason for our dismay when we catch a typographical error or an incorrect text format. Most of our immediate resolution is to edit the original file and convert it again to PDF. Doing this may be rigorous if you are dealing with lots of files. What you may not know is you can also make your edits directly on your PDF file! Here are a few ways you can modify your PDF file.

1.  Convert your PDF to different file formats

Before going into the nitty-gritty of how to edit your PDF, we should first establish the format of your files. You do not need to return to the original file before you convert the said file to PDF. You can convert PDF files directly to Word, Excel, or any other file. Just use a reliable PDF converter like PDFBear that is also secure enough to protect your documents. Once you finish all your necessary edits, you should convert PDF to PDFA for a more secure archiving.

What is a PDFA?

PDFa is a type of PDF file that makes sure your files will be similar and accessible no matter what software one uses. A PDFa file has particular requirements that are not present in a basic PDF file.

2.  Edit your PDF directly

You do not need to do your corrections on your Word document or Excel sheet and convert it again to PDF. You can just edit your PDF file! Doing edits directly on your PDF file will be more convenient, especially when you are dealing with multiple files. Editing files does not make PDF files’ integrity questionable, though. You still need to use reliable tools to edit your file.

Upload your PDF file on a reliable PDF editor like PDFBear or simply drag the file on the box you see on their site. Once you have uploaded your file, you can now add shapes, draw, or highlight your PDF. You can also edit its text.

3.  Split or Merge PDF

This tool is the best for organizing your PDF file. Are you one of those people who find it hard to become productive if their files and surroundings are not in order? Does it bug you if your PDF files are a mess?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, you should know how to merge or split files. Some files we receive or download from the Internet can be really messy or all over the place. To organize your files either by consolidating them into a single PDF file or separating them into multiple files, check out PDFBear to merge or split your files.

Go to the All Tools Tab and look for the Organize PDF. Choose from either Split or Merge PDF. You can also choose the Merge tab directly. Upload your file and add the options you want.

4.  Add page numbers on PDF

You do not need to be dismayed if you think it is too late to add page numbers on your Word-document-now-PDF-file. You can add page numbers directly on your PDF file! Again, with PDFBear, you will just upload the PDF file you want to add page numbers on. After this, add the options you want on how you prefer to add page numbers. Wait for the tool to process and voila! Your PDF file now has numbers and is ready for download!

5.  Add a watermark to your PDF

If you will post your PDF online, but you are having worries about others grabbing your content, you can add watermarks to protect it! Adding a watermark is advisable for those who will upload photos.

To add a watermark on your PDF, go to PDFBear and select Add Watermark from the All Tools tab. You will just upload your files by clicking Select Files or dragging your files on the box. After this, you can type the watermark you want to put and position it on your PDF file. Apply changes and wait for the download option!

6.  Rotate PDF

Do you have documents where the uploader did a sloppy job scanning their documents as pages are in different directions? You can fix this by rotating the pages on your PDF file with the help of PDFBear! Upload your files, apply the options you prefer, and wait for the download bar!

7.  Password-protect your PDF

What we love about PDF files is that they retain the integrity of your file and make it more accessible across different devices and platforms. To add an extra layer of security to your PDF file, you can also add passwords to your PDF! Password-protecting your file is an important step for securing your documents, especially if you will send them to others within the digital space. Only those who have your password can access your file.

To apply a password on your PDF, just visit PDFBear and upload your files. After uploading your file, you can now type in your password and click Encrypt PDF. Wait for the tool to process your PDF and download it!

8.  Add e-Signatures

Contrary to what everyone says, adding e-Signatures is actually more secure than sending scanned documents. Sending a scanned copy of a signed document poses more threats. Anyone can infiltrate your document and edit it with your signature intact. To avoid this, apply legitimate e-Signatures on your contracts or files with the help of PDFBear.

Choose only secure and reliable digital tools

Here are just some of the ways on how you can modify your PDF files! It is now up to you how you will apply these tips. Make sure to choose only trusted platforms, sites, and digital tools, like PDFBear. Do not let security threats infiltrate your data and use it against you. Check PDFBear out!