The Internet’s most popular streaming platform, Twitch, has been undergoing a series of attempts to redeem its image over the course of last year, but it seems to be pushing all the wrong buttons in doing so.

The latest decision Twitch has taken to ban all referral codes and links to slots, roulettes, and everything considered potential “harmful gambling content”. By doing so, Twitch is acting like they are taking action against the continuously growing gambling streams that it’s hosting, but in fact, it’s just creating a minor discomfort for a big part of its community.

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Morality Issues

There has been a lot of talk lately about Twitch’s morality, and this is mostly because of the softcore porn streamers who are being aggressively promoted on the platform, while there is no real control preventing minors from accessing it. Girls who have nothing to do with the gaming community or nothing to even “just chat” about, for that matter, turn on their webcam and lick the microphone for hours (yes, you read it right!) in a very sexual way while accepting donations in return for writing the donator’s name on their skin. Even porn actresses have turned to Twitch, realizing there is a lot of money to be made by basically just turning their webcam on and not wearing too many clothes.

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But gambling is the moral issue that Twitch currently has? While numerous people are appalled that children have unrestricted access to the softcore porn content on Twitch, Jeff Bezos’ subordinates are deciding that gambling is what the platform should distance itself from instead. All this while pretty much all websites where you can play slots and casino games require age verification and already have very restrictive laws in most places around the world.

The Gambling Meta and a Conclusion

Slots, Poker, and Virtual Casino, are a few of the growing communities on Twitch, and most streamers recommend gambling responsibly and only if you can afford it. Sure, Twitch’s measure of banning referral codes and links can protect people from scam websites. However, there are many online casinos where people like to “spin the wheel” and have fun. And as long as you are doing so with your own money, in a responsible way, no one should care about forcing you not to, since it’s your way of having fun.