Just what football is to Brits and people from all over the world, American football is to people of the United States. It’s not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s one full of passion, drive, thrills, action and if you’re lucky even money to be made. With the NFL gaining more and more popularity and ground amongst sporting fans around the world, not only in the US, the idea of making some money off pro American football action, be it through taking the best picks out of your preferred NFL predictions list or through finding an even more specific niche from which to grow into, like streaming or NFL centered content creation is becoming more and more attractive to fans.

But now, before you decide to take the plunge and dive into the world trying to make not only a profit but even more try to make a living out of American football, let us give you a few pieces of advice to be able to maximize your earnings and feel like you’ve scored a touchdown week in and week out. Here are our options for best ways to make money off NFL action.

First and Most Obvious, Sports Betting

When it comes to betting on sports and doing it successfully one of the main keys all betting pundits will usually mention is having enough insight, knowledge and information management skills to be able to give you an advantage over any other bettors. If you’re an avid and passionate NFL fan, one of those that follows all the news from around the league like stats and injury reports, matchup scenarios and predictions and any other tidbit of information regarding the sport, then you should definitely look into putting a little money here and there on NFL action.

Given the massive popularity that the NFL has amassed worldwide, online sportsbooks from all around the world usually offer a whole plethora of NFL centered wagering options for fans from every corner of the world. Now, do keep in mind that sports betting is an activity that’s based mostly on luck, because while you may know all the ins and outs of the sport, that doesn’t mean that telling the future will also happen. But having all the knowledge that only true NFL connoisseurs possess could end up giving you a great advantage, one that could end up helping you make some good money.

Get Your Thoughts Out Into The World Via Blogging or Streaming

The cool thing about being a sports fan is that while you might not be an actual sporting professional or expert, sometimes the passion and determination that’s used in the sports world makes its way into the minds of fans and makes them become unofficial experts of the discipline. If you add that to the facilities that the internet offers, with video streaming services, vlogging and blogging platforms and podcast websites popping all over the place, a new business niche for NFL fans is sitting right there for the taking.

Now, the key to success here is knowing who you want your audience to be, understanding not only how to reach them but how to keep them hooked on what you have to say as well. While speaking or writing about general NFL topics is good, that’s something everyone might be doing, so venture further into the American football universe and find specific topics of conversation that you might find interesting and that you think other fans will find interesting as well. You could focus on certain teams, divisions, on certain player positions like quarterback, wide receiver, cornerback or any other, or something else along those lines. Once you find your niche and you start building an audience, that’s where you can start looking into earning some money. How? Easy, endorsements, advertising deals and exposure. Once you become a streaming or blogging personality, the world of opportunities becomes bigger than you might be able to imagine. If your opinions are solid and you produce a presence, everyone will want to be a part of your venture.

Collect and Sell NFL Memorabilia

One of the biggest hobbies for sports fans around the world, especially NFL fans is buying and collecting sports memorabilia items. Be it player jerseys both new and classic, helmets and game worn gear, posters, trading cards, you name it, that if it has something to do with the NFL and it holds sentimental value, it will surely be considered a treasure for fans of the sport. Being on the lookout for online memorabilia auctions can easily lead you into landing some great pieces that you can end up reselling for even more than what you paid for.

Just like with streaming and blogging, the key here is to find a specific niche to work with. If you go all over the place, your results will usually end up leading you all over the place. Instead of having all of your intentions and ideas scattered around, focus on specific pieces you want to find and resell. It could be something as simple as old tickets for important games or game programs from the Super Bowl for example. While you may think that collectibles like these won’t hold as much value as other pieces, if you find the right buyers, you could be looking into making some very good money.