It only seems that people go to college every day just to obtain knowledge. We don’t want to say that 90% of them search for something else, but a significant part of students are excited about college because it allows them to be the focus of attention. People are different: some of them prefer staying alone, others are looking for good friends to survive college, and third adore being college celebrities. If you’re tired of being a grey mouse and you want to join the ranks of popular personalities of your college, you can do it. Stop looking back at girls and guys walking over you, and start your transformation to become the one who catches glances again and again. It’s easier than you think.

We’ve developed a strategy that won’t prevent you from succeeding in college. However, if something will hinder your academics, you can always pay for essay and get it done by an expert writer. We advise you to do it from time to time to relax and have a rest from the academic load. Well, let’s start your journey to becoming a rising college star.

Step 1. Change the way you look

We all know that judging the book by its cover isn’t good, but continue doing it. There are no ugly people. There are individuals who don’t know how to explore themselves and show their true selves to the world. Perhaps the main reason you’re fairly popular in your group or college is your appearance. It’s a mistake to think that making yourself physically appealing is expensive. Try changing your wardrobe: check the latest fashion trends, get rid of untrendy clothes, and go shopping. Second-hand stores have a lot of cool items to buy and be sure, no one will guess where you purchased your new T-shirt or dress. Next, care about your hair: change a haircut or hair color. Consider learning how to do makeup. Even though it’s only the first step of your transformation, it will completely change the attitude of college fellows to you.

Step 2. Excel in studying

Students used to think that popular individuals pay no attention to their studies and go to college just to steal glances and talk to other celebrities. However, it’s better to be good at academics and make friends with teachers to gain more respect in the students’ community. It’s time to get rid of the stereotypical image of college celebrities imposed on us by pop culture. A successful and popular college student is someone who looks well, studies well, knows why they need to study well and has big plans for future life.

Step 3. Be active on social media

Being popular in college without having a page on Instagram or another social media network popular among students is impossible. Moreover, you should not just have a page but start a blog and keep your audience updated on any changes in your life. Of course, you’re the one who chooses what to post and so on, but regular updates are required. Starting a blog is a way to explore another side of yourself and, perhaps, a way to find your path. Thousands of people from all over the world start blogs and earn money on them, so why can’t you do the same, right?

Step 4. Participate in college activities

None of the events organized by the college should be ignored. No matter how busy you are, your aim is to make yourself recognizable. The more you perform, the more people see you and know you. If you’re good at sports, consider joining one of the college teams. If you love dancing, you can become a cheerleader and impress everyone with outstanding skills. Decide what you like to do and use it to benefit yourself. All celebrities have talents, and the earlier you explore them, the better for you.

Step 5. Upgrade your communication skills

If you’re an introvert by nature and plan to get popular in college, you’ll need to do a lot of work. It’s rather difficult to start communicating with people if you’re used to being alone. However, you understand that college celebrities wrapped up in layers may seem stuck-up and arrogant. And it’s probably not the result you want to achieve. Check some articles on the Internet to understand the principles of effective communication and get rid of internal constraints.

Step 6. Be yourself

It’s the most important aspect you should always keep in mind. To become a true college celebrity, you need to stay yourself. It’s okay to change your behavior a little, but trying to change your nature is the biggest mistake you can make. Individuality is what people like. Don’t copy one’s behavior or habits to become a star — students should like you, your appeal and charisma.