If you’re interested in student life, you’re either a former student who wants to remember how it was to study at college or you’re studying at school and planning to continue your education in college after a year or more. Future applicants who want to learn more about student life are very eager to enter the college; otherwise, they wouldn’t search for all possible ways to gain an insight into how it is to be a college student. If we ask you, “What can you recommend to prospective students who understand nothing in college life?”, you’ll probably advise them to communicate with friends who are close to graduation from college, or alumni. None besides them knows all hidden backgrounds.

But not all college students have such friends. What should they do? Of course, watch TV shows or movies. And despite watching TV was a harmful activity for young people all our life, nowadays, some experts tend to convince otherwise. So we should stop thinking of TV negatively: it’s a good source of useful information, just like the Internet. Therefore, watching TV shows to find out more about the students’ lifestyle is a good way to jump right in. The main thing is to choose a good TV show. Not all of them can boast of fair representation of the behaviors and events, so we decided to create a compilation of the best and the most truthful TV shows about student life.

How To Get Away With a Murder (2014 – 2020)

This thriller TV series will leave no one indifferent. If you plan to study for a degree in Law, you must watch all 6 seasons of this outstanding show. Well, you probably won’t master the necessary subjects while watching but will see how the law students live, what subjects they study, and what they do in class. The plot is outstanding: a law professor and a group of A-grade students turn out to be involved in a criminal case. And they all need to get to the truth. How To Get Away With a Murder is one of the few TV shows that managed to remain interesting and intriguing even 5 seasons later — no wonder that critics praised it much.

Sex Education (2019 – )

Student life is not about attending classes and doing homework to excel in academics. Studying in college is an amazing time because many students start their first relationships, and intimate relations as well. The plot of Sex Education revolves around a student whose mother is a sex therapist. And by a lucky chance, he is aware of many sex problems and knows the answers to many questions connected with intimate relations. His groupmates start having consultations with him. Sex Education has 2 seasons: all school and college students should watch them understand a lot of important things.

Hello, My Twenties! (2016 – 2017)

Please, don’t pay attention to the release dates, they are probably not the valid reason to ignore this TV show. And even if you aren’t a fan of Korean doramas, you should find some free time to watch it. Hello, My Twenties! is a story about college girls renting one house. They’ve just started studying and will have to face many challenges other Korean young people face. All these girls have different taste in men. You may want to watch this TV series again when you’re studying at college. Get rid of the heavy workload by asking a professional to “writeanessayfor.me to save my academic performance.”

Clique (2017 – 2018)

Those who don’t like spending too much time on watching long TV shows will certainly like Clique, consisting of 2 seasons and 12 episodes. The director managed to show all the twists and turns of student life. Clique tells us about two friends who have recently entered the university and are ready to jump right into college life. But then one girl gets accepted in a so-called ‘elite group’ of students and two best friends are part company. Watch Clique to find out what they’ll do next and see the great representation of elite students, parties, intrigues and typical college environment.

Pitch Perfect (2012, 2015, 2017)

Are there any people who haven’t seen at least the first part of Pitch Perfect yet? Well, it’s time to change the situation. It’s a musical comedy, so the chances you’ll like it are high enough. Beca Mitchell is a first-year student of Barden University who joins a local acapella group Barden Bellas and will do her best to get it out of the hole they dug. The problem is the future competition: there’s not so much time left, girls need to change their repertoire and upgrade their vocal skills and try to take their chances on the competition. This is how the first part starts. Watch them all and you’ll certainly have a good time.