A lot of people are wondering why photo booths are still popular even in this digital age where photo filters seem endless, thanks to Instagram and Snapchat. Even in cities like New Jersey, there are top-of-the-line New Jersey photo booth rentals ready to take your upcoming event to the next level.

But what makes photo booths special? Why are they still a hit even with all the smartphones around? Read on to rediscover and experience the magic of this automated selfie-taker that has been around for quite some time.

The Origin of Photo Booths

It was in 1925 when a Jewish Siberian immigrant named Anatol Josepho conceptualized the first photo booth. It was patented as Photomaton in 1925 and has become a grand attraction in Manhattan before. You can pay as much as 25 cents for a strip of eight photos, developed in eight minutes. To make the story short, it became a hit and many people lined up outside of booths just to have their photos taken.

Even until now, the memories preserved throughout the ages still thrived even as the world transitioned to modern photo booths. But the vintage photo booth still has a place in many events because the appeal of printed photos never really gets old.

Different Types of Photo Booth Setup

Currently, there are various types of photo booth setups: the enclosed, retro,  open and 180-degree types.

Enclosed photo booths

These photo booths have panels, curtains, walls or a mix of everything to ensure that users have privacy while having their photos taken. It also comes in various sizes that fit from two to sixteen people, depending on the setup. Check out photo booth rentals New Jersey has today for their enclosed photo booths that may suit your next event.

Retro photo booth

If you want a more retro feel to your event, then this photo booth is your perfect choice. Their wooden design and chic appeal give off that nostalgic vibe that’s suitable for any retro-themed occasion. They are quite similar to classic photo booths when it comes to function and they are also easy to figure out. Although some retro booths double as slow-motion video booths or GIF booths so better inquire first before you start renting.

Open photo booths

Everyone can see you as your photos are taken. New Jersey photo booth rentals also allow more than two people to have their group photos taken. The fun part is that everyone can see you doing some wacky poses with the celebrants, creating a fun atmosphere. That’s why for this type of photo booth, be sure to consider the flashes, lighting and noise that may affect the surroundings when you set it up.

180-degree photo booth

If you want an extremely unique and cinematic experience for your event, then this is your best bet. Some people call this the matrix or bullet-time photo booth because it uses multiple cameras arranged in a semi-circle, allowing your guests to take photos at varying angles. Once complete, the combined photos are turned into a GIF, giving it an action-packed finish. Be sure to look for New Jersey photo booth rentals that offer this amazing add-on.

What Modern Photo Booths Can Do

Taking this old school concept into the modern setting is a bit challenging. But just as people piled into the photo booths at your local mall in the past, modern photo booths are also gaining popularity. But what else can it do other than taking photos?

  1. Enjoy digital photos – Old school photo booths print physical photos without the option to share them on social media. When you try out the photo booth rental Bergen County NJ has today, you will have digital copies of all photos taken during the event, along with printed versions. Isn’t it fun to have all your photo strips added to your scrapbooks and shared on your social media accounts too? Its flexibility is one of the reasons why this old-school concept still found its way into this modern age.


  1. They are bigger – These modern style photo booths have bigger spaces than retro booths. They are made of panels, curtains, or walls and can fit various people. They are also dismountable so you can set them up anywhere you like. Some are also fitted with an internal computer screen where guests can see a preview of their poses before their shots are taken.


  1. They allow open-air setup – Some modern photo booths have no walls, giving your guests more flexibility in having their photos taken. You can set up an actual backdrop, use green screens, digital props or animations and have a natural photo booth background is also equally appealing.


  1. Express yourself with GIfs – One advantage of modern photo booths from the old school type is the use of GIFS. It brings your photos to life and your guests can let loose and get creative with every shot. This interactive format is very entertaining not just for adults but for the kids as well. If you want your guests to have a positive experience, go for local NJ photo booths that offer Gif as an add on.


  1. Complete with digital props and filters – No matter what theme you have for any occasion, there is a corresponding digital prop to go with them. Scroll through dozens of options such as hats, moustaches, masks and a lot more. You can also check out the preview of how these props look on you before taking the shot. You can also choose Instagram-like filters for your photos right before you snap a shot.


Hosting an event is not a walk in the park but with cool features like photo booth rental with prints, your event can be the talk of the town. Whether you are hosting a live or virtual event, there are many modern photo booth features to choose from. You can even make use of augmented reality in your virtual backdrop design to give your guests a one-of-a-kind digital experience. You can also visit our blog for the latest trends in photo booths.