You don’t have to be in distress before you need to take out small business loans for your business. Most owners do this when they need to fuel their business growth or add to their business. However, most traditional lenders won’t hear it if your business has been up and running for less than a year.

These lenders use the credit score of the business before giving out loans to determine how risky it is to lend to you. And as a new business, your credit score will read low, making it a precarious choice. So what do you do when your newly set up small business needs a loan? This article will tell you just how you can access a loan while being less than a year in business, even if you need to apply for bigger loans.

What Does It Take To Get Small Business Loans From Banks and Lenders?

As we’ve mentioned, small business loans are a great way to level up or introduce new and exciting products. Traditional lenders like banks have several requirements they demand before giving loans out. Here’s what banks and lenders look out for before deciding if you’re credit-worthy or not:

  • The Purpose of the Loan: Small business owners can choose from many loans, and each serves a different purpose. Some loans even come with conditions on how borrowers use them.

  • Business Plan: Generally, any lender will see your business plan before reviewing your application and releasing funds.

  • A High Credit Score: High credit scores say a lot about your creditworthiness and can make or break your loan application. It shows your reliability in repayment and determines your interest rate.

  • Collateral: Collaterals, usually assets or properties you own, are a way for lenders not to lose out if you don’t pay the loan back.

  • Your Business Capital and Its Cash Flow: Banks and lenders will need to know your working capital and be sure that you maintain a steady stream of income. If otherwise, you’ll be considered a high-risk investment and denied a loan.

How Do You Access a Loan With Less Than a Year in Business?

Some financial institutions other than banks offer less stringent requirements and more effortless and speedy access to much-needed funds. Here’s what to do to get access to a loan with less than a year in business:

Go For Fintech Lenders and Other Institutions

Banks aren’t the only source for small business loans. Lenders like Camino Financial do not demand the requirements that banks do. If you’ve been less than a year in business, you only have to be in operation for at least nine months to qualify.

Don’t Open Multiple Credit Lines Or Loans Within a Short Time

It is a straightforward way to improve your credit score and qualify for loans from other non-traditional banks. Applying for loans too often will harm your credit score, so you need to avoid requesting too often.

Add Credible Business Partners

Two good heads are better than one, and so are two good credit histories or collateral. Build your team with credible business partners with a clean financial record as well. It will improve your creditworthiness and make it easier for you to access a loan less than a year in business.

Avoid Late Payments

Even if you’ve never gotten a small business loan before, lenders can use how you pay bills to predict how well you will pay back your loan. So you need to avoid late payments and make any outstanding balance.


Some of the requirements that banks and lenders require for small businesses to have or maintain before giving them loans are nearly impossible for owners less than a year in business. So if your new business needs the funds, you’re just a click away from the leading small business creditor Camino Financial.