Since time immemorial the world has long dreamt of gold. Throughout history, there have been numerous parables about its pursuit. The romanticism of the color. The strange spell that is cast by such a unique and vibrant piece of metal. Poets have written countless poetry in ode to its beauty. Gold is one of those rare things that has become so ubiquitous, that it serves as a nearly universal symbol for wealth in our global society.

But gold is not only a symbol of status, it’s also a reflection of the person who owns it. That reflection shows someone with the grit and fortitude to make their dreams happen. Someone who’s unafraid to make a plan and follow it through to the end. Someone who sticks to their guns, and doesn’t run when the going gets tough. Someone who dares to dream big, and will play the game with enough risk to get there.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What does this mythical gold dealing, gun-wielding cowboy have to do with me? Well, I’m glad you asked pardner because I’m not telling tales, I’m talking about you! You see, You have the potential to start the investment journey of a lifetime! Since investing in gold has never been easier thanks to the fine people at Acre Gold!

They are a service that has revolutionized the way gold is bought and sold, by revamping an old song with a new style! This is accomplished by their incredible investment process. The way it works is that you start with a monthly subscription-based service. This can start at as low as 50 dollars a month and go to as high as 250. Each month you make a payment into your account and every time your account balance exceeds the price of the gold bar chosen according to your plan, they will send you an actual piece of gold for you to hold as an asset in your investment.

This is a game-changing, paradigm-shifting moment in investment. As before physical assets that are unlikely to depreciate in value were a rarity, let alone attainable to the general public. Now through this service, the ownership of gold is being democratized, so that people like you and me can attain it. The benefits of investing in gold are myriad, but just to drive our point home, let’s break down some of the positives of its ownership.

First off, Gold is unlikely to depreciate in value. This makes it unique in terms of asset investment because its maintenance costs are negligible compared to other high-value assets. Additionally gold is easy to pass down from person to person. This means an investment like this can be a great option for someone looking to start a nest egg for their family, as an asset like gold can easily be squirreled away for a rainy day!

Gold is also incredibly easy to sell. Since gold is one of our most sought-after commodities, there is no shortage of traders or dealers who would be happy to take it off your hands. That makes gold an incredibly dynamic asset as it has the agility and capability to be fiscally maneuverable for use in other ventures!

And finally, we come to one of the most important aspects of gold investment, the metal’s stability as a currency. Gold rarely fluctuates in price. Now of course there are exceptions but on the whole, gold is a fairly stable commodity to put trust in. This is important because investing in gold doesn’t allow for the same volatility as other investment options. This gives you a certain level of security in your investment and allows you to rely on it if you decide you need it in the future.

It used to be that investing in a real asset like gold was a privilege reserved for the super-wealthy. But now that seal has been broken due to a plethora of advances in technology, and this incredible company’s forward-thinking approach to investment. No longer do we have to settle ourselves with making high-risk maneuvers for short-term profit. Now there’s a better way. One that redistributes one of the most valuable materials on earth, into something for everybody! We hope that this guide has helped to enlighten you to the possibilities of investing in a real asset like gold and that you seriously consider the benefits of what this type of investment can have for you and your family!