Cult classics don’t come much cultier than RoboCop. So, the idea of a fresh addition to the franchise makes sense. Give the people what they want! However, it seems as if the RoboCop Returns movie has stalled and many fear it may return to the shelves for good. Here’s what we know so far.

Announcements Were Made Years Ago

The concept of RoboCop Returns isn’t a new one. In January 2018, plans were released showcasing a film that would essentially ignore the sequels and act as if it was directly connected to the 80s version. Unfortunately, several directors and producers have been appointed only to take a step back, meaning the saga has been drawn out for a while.

The good news is that Ed Neumeier and Abe Forsythe have confirmed they plan on putting their spin on the release. Neumeier’s participation is particularly invigorating for fans as he co-wrote the original script, so the premise should be true to the cult classic. They may be considered ‘Old Hollywood’, but that’s what this film needs.

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There Is No Release Date

Before you get your hopes up, the movie is firmly in the development stage. This means there isn’t a release date and considering it has been three years since RoboCop Returns was announced, supporters of the series are forgiven for assuming it may never happen. At a minimum, it could take another couple of years, in which time you could have filmed an indie version and released it online.

Will It Work?

Yes. The history of the original movie shows that the demand was considerable at the time. $53.4 million doesn’t sound like a great deal now, but in 1987, it made RoboCop a box office success. After the sequels hit the silver screen, the franchise could boast worldwide revenues of over $100 million in the 1990s. The fact the series is a cult classic means the popularity has carried on into the 2000s and 2010s, with RoboCop lovers desperate for an edition of the franchise that doesn’t fall flat, as the 2014 reboot did.

But a lack of quality movie-making isn’t the only string to the franchise’s bow, although it has left audiences craving an installment that hits their expectations. RoboCop has transitioned into other areas successfully, which means the products and services from separate verticals have made it more famous. Marvel comic books are excellent examples because the biggest brand in the comic book world released a total of 23 comics featuring RoboCop thanks to the success of the movie. And with Marvel comics dominating the box office, it’s feasible that a rebooted relationship between the two could target a niche in the market.

Gaming is another sector where RoboCop has flourished, with five currently available on different consoles. Back when the original film was released, the Robocop title by Data East was hugely successful in arcades. While the last video game was released in 2003, a new version is set to be available by 2023, and this isn’t usually the case when there’s a 20-year gap between them, again showcasing the demand for all things RoboCop-related. Outside of having his own dedicated game, Robocop has appeared as a playable character in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate to notable reception from fans.

Lastly, online casinos have opened the series to a wider audience because operators leverage movie themes to engage their players. 888’s RoboCop slot, featuring the robotic police officer is no different. Better yet, the slot game is twinned with promotions to encourage more people to play, making RoboCop eligible with the best online casino bonuses on the market, from cash prizes to free spins. Of course, these markets not only highlight the continued demand for RoboCop products but reflect the franchise’s opportunity for growth as they are among the sectors currently experiencing the highest levels of growth.

From that perspective, it’s apparent that RoboCop Returns could easily be a hit, even in this modern era. The main problem is whether it will see the light of day. There are healthy signs, yet there are several hurdles that need clearing before a release day is announced. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, people!