Types of online NHL betting

The National Hockey League (NHL) is deservedly ranked among the most spectacular championships. At the same time, this is an extremely unpredictable event, which creates a special excitement and makes NHL betting popular. NHL betting is as popular today in betting as it is in football and basketball. Bookmakers, including Parimatch, offer players NHL betting in a wide line of painting, where the probable cash prize can be quite large.

NHL bets are made by both pros and inexperienced players since information about NHL matches is available in a wide format on the Internet. Here you can also get data on forecasts, important statistics of past games, which can be analyzed by a bettor and become the basis for deciding on the forecast. However, one of the first challenges for newcomers is to study what the NHL bet is. All key types of bets are repeated by bookmakers, so it is enough to study their nuances once, to use them constantly.

NHL playoff betting odds and other hockey betting

Each player decides on his own whether to wager through NHL playoff betting odds or any other. In the first case, we are talking about a knockout game, and the bettor has the opportunity to bet on a specific competition or championship as a whole. Live NHL betting, taking place in real-time, deserve special attention. Given that events can radically change during the competition, bookmakers often change odds, and a bettor needs to track changes for profitable deals.

NHL bets Canada do not differ from those in other countries and involve the following traditional bets:

  • a bet on the outcome, be it a loss, a team’s win, or a draw;
  • total bet;
  • handicap bet.

The first type of bet can be single, when the player chooses only a certain result of the competition, or double, when, in addition to winning or losing, they simultaneously bet on a draw. However, in this case, bookmakers offer significantly lower odds.

The “handicap” bet includes several varieties. Positive is triggered when the favorites win/draw or lose by the smallest margin. A negative is placed on a win with a certain difference in the score. The zero assumes that the teams will play in a draw, and the Asian one adds or subtracts a certain conditional number of points from the outcome, but in the case of a draw, it does not work.

As for the “total” bet, in its case the bookmaker determines a specific statistic indicator: the number of goals scored, penalty minutes, removals from the field, and so on. Total can be both common for a team and individual for a specific player.

Where to place the best NHL bets today

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