Not all specialty pizzas at Domino’s are all that special. To help make sure you get the pizza you deserve, you may want to steer clear from the pizzas on our list.

Domino's Pizza

One of the sure ways of getting the pizza you actually want is to build your own pizza. That means you can cherry-pick all the ingredients you love, and avoid the toppings you hate. For purists, that means making sure you don’t get toppings like pineapple, chicken, lamb, or shrimp. It’s also very affordable, as a large pizza starts at $11.99.

But there can be problems with building your own pizza, however. You may not be in a mood to pick and choose, so you’d rather just go with a proven formula and a classic pizza. That way, you save time and stress.

Or, you may have experimented with different combinations, and you discover that joining ingredients you love doesn’t actually go together. It’s mixing a steak (which you love) with ice cream (which you also love), into a single bite. That’s just not good.

So, you can go with the specialty pizza. But here you face minefields as well. Domino’s also like to experiment with different toppings, and sometimes their experiments are just disastrous. To help make sure you avoid these culinary disasters, you may want to stay away from the following pizzas:

Wisconsin 6 Cheese

Yes, nutritionists do like this pizza, because it comes with a lot of protein even though it’s a bit high on calories. There are purists as well who only love cheese on their pizza, and nothing else.

But this is just boring, to be honest about it. Sure, you have mozzarella, feta, provolone, cheddar, Parmesan, and Asiago cheeses. Each one of these cheese types will work great on a pizza. But put them all together, and it’s just boring. You get cheese, and more cheese—isn’t there anything else?

There’s still a time and place when this particular pizza works. Order this if you have an argumentative group vociferously arguing about the toppings they hate. This will won’t have any topping that somehow offends someone.

Or you can get this, and then you can add stuff at home to add to it. But then again, you may as well just build your own pizza.

Cheeseburger Pizza

This comes with bits of beef and onions. To really make sure you get the cheeseburger association, it also has this ketchup-mustard sauce that should make you think about getting a burger. But it just doesn’t belong on a pizza, and you’ll realize this after the first bite. In fact, you might realize this from the smell alone.

Basically, if you’re looking for a cheeseburger, then just get a cheeseburger. This pizza is simply not an adequate replacement and it won’t satisfy your craving.

And if you’re hankering for a pizza, just get something else. You’re just getting a hand-tossed crust with ketchup and mustard, and then painted with oil and garlic. Does that sound great to you?

Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza

The inclusion of this pizza may puzzle some folks. What’s wrong with having lots of pepperoni? Isn’t the pepperoni among the most classic of pizza toppings?

We’re not disputing that. What we’re against is that you have this Ultimate Pepperoni pizza priced at about $16 when you get the medium size. That’s just too much.

In contrast, you can go with Domino’s pizza builder, and a medium pepperoni pizza will cost you about $10. You want double pepperoni? That’s $11, and now you have the Ultimate Pepperoni pizza at a lower cost.

Chicken Taco Pizza

Now we have the same problem as we had with the Cheeseburger Pizza. With the Chicken Taco pizza, we get the same question: if you’re hankering for a taco, why don’t you just get a darn taco?

Sure, this pizza does have many of the ingredients you get in a taco. These include:

  • Grilled chicken
  • Onions
  • Green peppers
  • Diced tomatoes
  • A mix of provolone and cheddar cheeses

There’s even an option to add jalapeños. But you don’t have the tortilla that you want if you’re getting a taco. And if you’re looking for a real pizza, this isn’t it.

Final Words

Domino’s has plenty of good specialty pizzas, in case this list gave you the wrong idea. Try the ExtravaganZZa, which has everything on it and somehow tastes great. Go with the Buffalo Chicken pizza if you’re a fan of buffalo wings, and try the Memphis BBQ Chicken pizza for its summery vibe. If you’re a vegetarian (or even if you’re not), the Spinach & Feta pizza will surely fill you up nicely.

Just avoid the pizzas we’ve included on this list. You’re probably better off building your own pizza—you’re unlikely to come up with worse combinations on your own!