Weddings are back in full swing, with everyone from photographers to reception venues announcing that they are fully booked for the rest of 2022 and part of 2023. Not only do these suppliers have to contend with an ultra-busy schedule but they also have to fulfill one of the hottest demands in weddings these days—the demand for personalization. Millennial and Gen-Z couples are no longer willing to embrace traditional and expected wedding rituals. Many are choosing to respect tradition to a certain extent while also expressing their personality and tastes. Read on to discover just a few of the most unusual yet fascinating features and moments embraced by couples with an eye for the unusual and original.

Embracing Adventure and Nature

In 2022, it’s all about celebrating meaningful weddings that share a couple’s essence with friends and family. As such, some couples who meet or consolidate their relationship via adventure- or nature-filled hobbies such as deep-sea diving, skydiving, or boating are choosing to include their hobby in their ceremony or celebrations. Some of the most unusual weddings have seen couples say ‘I do’ underwater, on a sailboat, or skydiving. Check out the story of Emily Lucero and Allan Toole, who jumped out of a plain single and landed on solid ground as a married couple. Another cool couple is made up of New Yorkers, April Pignataro and Michael Curry. The sea-inspired lovers wed in a 120,000-gallon shark tank in the midst of sand sharks, nurse eels, and giant fish!

Gothic Allure Meets Elvis

Weddings are supposed to be about cream and pastel colors, delicate flowers, and pearls, but for those into Gothic fashion, art, and architecture, it’s all about black and scarlet clothing, top hats, and a vibe that emulates that cobblestoned ambiance of the London of Sherlock Holmes. One of the nation’s most celebrated destinations for quirky weddings is Vegas, known for its quaint chapels and sparkling neon lights. In Vegas, unique, bespoke weddings are what it’s all about and you can get hitched easily and quickly in your chosen outfit and ambiance without anyone getting shocked. One of Vegas’ most blood-curdling venues is Gothic Weddings, which creates eerie ambiances and designs packages with thorny roses and eerie outfits included. You can also have a zombie Elvis officiate your wedding if you’d like The King to be part of your celebration. For a great idea of how amazing Gothic-inspired wedding fashion can be, check out Kat Von D’s blood-red, vampire-inspired wedding dress and eerie scarlet-hued, candlelit décor.

Beating World Records

Some brides and grooms take things to the utmost extreme. For them, weddings are all about winning competitions or even setting world records. Take the case of Xie Qiyun, the bride who broke the Guinness record for the longest wedding train. Hers measured over 600 feet and weighed over 220 pounds. Another bride from Ohio, Jill Stapleton chose her big day to break the record for the largest number of bridesmaids. She had 110 in total, all of which wore purple or teal—the colors of the bride’s dance school! It sounds like a perfect way to blend the sentimentalism of your Big Day with a bit of free marketing!

In this day and age, nothing is truly considered ‘weird’ on your wedding day since it’s all about celebrating in a way that is meaningful to you and your couple. From nature-filled adventures right through to adrenaline-charged experiences, nothing beats saying ‘I do’ to the person of your dreams in a setting that unites you further. Of course, if you are a competitive couple, then you can always choose to make your day extra memorable by breaking a world record.