With the increased crime rates, the number one thought on your mind should be the safety of your home, especially when you and your family are planning to go on a vacation. With proper preparation, there is a great chance that your security methods are never put to the test in the first place.

The actions of the potential burglars are out of your control, but the thing that you can control is your home security. Here are some easy steps that you can implement to keep your house secure from potential break-ins.

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Install a Home Security System

One of the most effective ways to keep your house safe from potential burglars is by installing a home security system to help you monitor your house 24/7, even when you are on vacation. Just make sure to install the cameras in such a way that you can detect the faces of the potential intruders in ID. Countless research has proven that homes that lack a home security system are more likely to be invaded, which is why installing a home security system is a must.

Install Motion Sensing Lights

Burglars like to do their deeds in the dark. They don’t want to be seen by anyone, so you will be doing yourself a great favor by installing motion-sensing lights. The motion-sensing lights will shine on any unwelcome trespassers and alert you about someone’s presence. If you are on vacation, with the help of motion-sensing lights, they can help you keep an eye on your property.

Get Acquainted with Your Neighbors

Even if you are a shy person and don’t like socializing much, you still want to know your neighbors and make sure they know you too. By getting acquainted with your neighbors, you can ensure that your neighbors keep an eye on your property when you are not at home.

This way, your neighbors will serve as your additional layer of protection and security. If they see something off, such as a random stranger entering your property, they can inform you or the police and save your valuables from getting carried away.

Install Door Locks

We all have experienced it: we were rushing to get somewhere in time and forgot to lock the house. Or, it could also happen that we forgot our keys and had to leave anyway, making the house a potential target for thieves and burglars.

While you can immensely benefit from a smart lock system, it is also recommended to get in touch with the best locksmith in your area, such as the 24-hour emergency locksmith in Perth, to avoid getting locked out of your house again.

Besides installing durable and reliable door locks, you can immensely benefit from a smart lock system as it will allow you to keep checking the status of your locked doors, even if you aren’t at home. This will give you an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

Hide Your Valuables

Never make the mistake of putting your valuables and jewelry on open display. You can get a home safe for this purpose to keep your valuables and important documents hidden from the prying eyes of burglars. The same goes for your expensive cars and bikes.

Instead of keeping them at a place where burglars can see them, park them inside the garage and keep the garage locked at all times when the cars and bikes are not in your use. When it comes to expensive gadgets and cash, don’t place anything near the open windows; you ought to consider installing a window treatment to keep prying eyes off the bay.

Secure Your Windows

Windows are a two-way gate – these allow you to look at the world and let in some fresh air every day. On the other hand, the world and some potential thieves can also peep into your house and scan the interior for valuables and things of their interest.

To protect the interior space from prying and spying eyes, avoid keeping the windows bare. Whenever you aren’t enjoying the natural sunlight, make it a rule to keep the curtain closed. You can also install blinds and keep them shut whenever you don’t feel like enjoying the natural lights.

The same rule applies to widows whenever you head out to run errands or leave for work. Also, if you are about to grab a flight and enjoy a vacation, make sure to keep all curtains and blinds shut so that no one from the outside can peer inside and find out what you have inside your house.

Be Unpredictable

By having a predictable routine, you will be making things easier for thieves and burglars. Usually, home invasions are pre-planned, which means that they (potential thieves) have been watching your house and your routine for some time now – understanding your routine and lifestyle pattern.

That said, you might have a regular work routine, ensure that you keep your goings and comings anonymous. Most home invasions occur during the day when people are usually not at home. The trick is to keep our routines and even the exterior of your house unpredictable.

You can do it in different ways. For instance, you can keep a skateboard near the front door or spread out kids’ toys and bicycles in the front yard where everyone can see them. It doesn’t matter whether you have kids or live alone; by placing things outside and living an unpredictable routine, the potential thieves will think before entering your house.

Final Thoughts

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that home invasion is something that cannot happen to us. The truth is that the world is full of criminals, and they might be lurking just around the corner, unbeknownst to you. The bottom line is that having a contingency plan is crucial. And the first step towards better and safer living has our house secured against potential burglaries to keep yourself and your loved ones protected.