If you’re going to own a car, then you’ll have to pay to keep it on the road. This means ongoing expenses like tax, fuel, and insurance. But it also means the occasional spot of maintenance, as wear and tear take its toll on your vehicle. If you’re putting in lots of miles, then your car is likely to wear out more quickly – but even if you’re not, you can expect to have to pay for replacement batteries, starter motors, brake pads, and tires over the lifespan of the vehicle.

Car Service

Ideally, you’ll want to look after your car in a proactive way. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong, you might take the vehicle to an expert mechanic to get it thoroughly examined and tuned up. This way, any potential defects or expensive malfunctions can be spotted before they have a chance to develop.

What is a service?

This process of examining and fixing a car is called a service. During a service, a mechanic will check parts for wear and tear, and replace common parts like oil filters. Services vary in thoroughness, with the most thorough involving scores of different components. You can book a car service online, making it easier than ever to invest in.

Why bother with a service?

Regular servicing will ensure that your car runs as well as possible for as long as possible. In the long term, it’ll pay for itself by ensuring that the more expensive components in your car are protected. It’ll also ensure that your car is as economical, efficient, and pleasurable to drive as possible.

How is it different from an MOT?

The key difference between a service and an MOT is that the former is advisable, while the latter is mandatory. If your car is to be legally driven on public roads, it’ll need to have passed its MOT test. MOT tests tend not to go any further than the bare minimum for safety. A service will dive deeper into the workings of your car, and make sure that everything is running as well as it possibly can.

What’s included in a full service?

The definition of ‘full’ service will vary from mechanic to mechanic. It’s therefore worth asking exactly what you’re going to be getting. Generally speaking, however, you can expect the mechanic to check your oil, lights, coolant, and suspension, as well as tune your engine such that it runs as smoothly and efficiently as it possibly can.

How much does a service cost?

The amount you pay for a service will depend on its depth. You can expect an exhaustive service to cost more than £100, or even £200. Compare this to the amount that you spend correcting a severe malfunction, however, and you’ll often find that the service is the more economical option in the long term.