Are you bored and uninspired by the interior of your home, but unsure what steps to implement to make that much needed change? Your house is more than a roof over your head – it is an expression of you and your life. Here’s how to give it a facelift with our clever design tips.


 The UK is known to hold on to their clutter for dear life, with an estimated total 37.6 million square feet of storage space being used by Brits.

Not only does clutter take up a lot of space, but it can make the general look of your home feel untidy and unattractive. Modern interior design is focused a lot around open plan layouts, so by removing unnecessary clutter you can really open up your space.

When deciding what items to part with, you must be strict with yourself. Things which may be causing excess clutter that don’t come straight to mind may include kid’s toys, unnecessary decorations such as throws and pillows, paperwork, and wires and cables.

Smart storage solutions

 Investing in good quality storage is a great way to revamp your home. You can choose storage which fits your desired aesthetic and is a great way to conceal clutter.

Having an under the stairs fitted wardrove is a great place to store shoes and coats and will effectively keep your hallway clear. You may even choose to get creative and convert under the stair storage into a cosy nook for you children, or install a washer and dryer.


 If you’re an avid collector of books, DVD’s, CDs or vinyl’s – simply rearranging your beloved collection can give a whole new life to your home.

You may choose to install shelves and make use of vertical storage space – this can create a beautiful backdrop in a home office for those dreaded zoom calls! You may choose to order your reading, film, and music material alphabetically for convenience, or by colour for a creative look.

 Out with the old, in with the new

If you feel as if your home is dated, but don’t have the budget to blow on a full-scale renovation, then paint is your best friend! A good paint job can transform anything from your doors, to your light fixtures. You will achieve that “brand new” feel without breaking the bank.

However, there are a few household items which do need replacing more regularly. If you find that your chopping boards, mops, showerheads, or pillows are looking a bit worse for wear – it’s essential you change them for hygiene purposes.
By making small, but clever changes, you can give your house a makeover which will have guests showering you with compliments!