Fundraising for a charity you hold close to your heart is an extremely rewarding activity. Your charity will benefit from the added funds and your moral compass will receive a boost. However, with more than 170,000 charities operating in England,  how will you ensure people choose your charity to donate their money to?

On average, people donated £53.52 every month in 2020 which means there is a huge potential for raising funds. To gain the biggest share of these donations though, you’ll have to stand out and make the donation process as simple as possible.

Ensure you raise the biggest amount possible to make a real impact in your chosen charity’s operations and you may just help to save lives. Here’s everything you need for effective charity fundraising.

Location, location, location

Once you’ve chosen your charity to fundraise for, you’ll need a location to do it. This is pivotal to the success of your money collection. You’ll want to fundraise in and area with a large footfall to increase the number of potential donors. Think busy high streets or a shopping centre.

Before you commence any fundraising, you must check that you can legally fundraise in that spot. Some places may require permission from the council or the building owner.

Grab the public’s attention

If you’re standing with a bucket then what makes you stand out from any other fundraiser? Market your fundraising campaign the right way and draw people in. You could have a banner that people notice walking by or put up posters around the city.

Whatever you do, ensure people know exactly who you’re fundraising for and your motivations behind it. This will boost your chances of receiving a donation.

Be prepared

Preparation is key to many areas of your fundraising attempts. To begin, you and your fellow volunteers will have to be well informed about your charity and the industry itself. This will help you answer any questions that members of the public may have. When you sound knowledgeable and assured, potential donors will view your charity as something they can invest in.

One other way to be prepared is with payment options. 52% of British people rarely have cash on hand so they must be given a way to donate. There are many card machines available that can connect to your phone for payments. This will ensure no one can give you the age-old excuse of “I don’t have any change, sorry”.

Fundraising is a straightforward activity when you get the basics right. Simply choose a good spot, stand out and be prepared for the greatest chance of pulling in large amounts for your charity.