When the year 2020 started and the world was sent into quarantine, we had to reassess everything in our lives- including fitness. Going to a public gym was not an option anymore, and if you didn’t have a gym at home, you had to come up with creative ways of getting that workout.

Needless to say, the health and fitness industry had to find creative ways to help in maintaining healthy lifestyles. As such, the year 2022 has come with evolution in fitness trends. This has kicked starving to the curb while allowing more people to enjoy food and change their perspective on fitness.

Let’s take a deep dive into these fitness trends and find out what else you need to know about weight loss in 2022:

The Keto diet is more popular than ever

Keto is a low extreme diet that gained popularity in early 2018. Because of the benefits that it brings, it is still a go-to diet option for many as it does not restrict the consumption of dairy, most kinds of meat, and even butter and cheese.

This is because the Keto diet focuses on fat and protein. The diet replaces your intake of carbohydrates with that fat and protein. Ideally, you’ll be consuming a maximum of 20 to 30 grams of carbohydrates while on the diet. This will get your body to the state of ketosis.

As your body responds to the lack of glucose, your ketone levels (produced by the liver when the body increases the production of fat) will rise. So instead of the body generating energy from carbohydrates, it will be getting energy from the ketones.

Restriction isn’t the ticket

According to scientific studies, diets that are less restrictive lead to better long-term adherence. This is why a majority of people don’t enjoy consistent results when adhering to restrictive weight-loss diets. Often they experience weight fluctuations.

Forget about the quick fix, a restrictive diet is not the solution. Successful weight management is all about adherence to the right diet. Generally, you require a diet plan that you can stick to for the long haul and it’s impossible to do this when it comes to a restrictive diet.

Weight loss programs are an “in thing”

From programs that offer premade food deliveries to self-guided food apps, there are a variety of weight loss programs that are struggling to come up with a fitness plan but feel like you need guidance and accountability then these programs will work wonders.

For instance, information from https://www.wilsonsupplements.com/ will lead you to information about weight loss plans that rely on elements like meal suggestions, coaching, and nutritional support to see you through your fitness journey. In other words, it has everything that will help you get and stay fit.

Don’t forget about the existence of vegan diets

In the past, weight loss diets provided a balance between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. While a majority of the diets still do this, vegan diets are also a new entrant into the food industry.

In 2022, these diets are steadily gaining popularity. Just as the name suggests, a vegan diet excludes all meat and animal products like dairy as well as eggs. While sticking to a vegan diet depends on personal preferences, the basic principle is that vegans don’t eat animal products.

A food and weight loss diary comes in handy

Self-monitoring is a significant factor in any weight loss journey. A majority of people today opt to use weight loss diaries and mobile apps to keep track of their weight loss progress on a daily basis. This is to determine their total weight loss at the end of every week.

Essentially, this will help you know whether the weight loss techniques you adapted are working and also give a chance to embrace newer strategies. By tracking your success in small increments, you’ll undoubtedly stick to your weight loss regimen.

The Bottom Line

Just like anything else in life, weight loss is a journey that continuously evolves. The techniques that were useful in losing weight decades ago are no longer the techniques that are adopted in 2022.

Technology has brought with it many possibilities and science has re-introduced new weight-loss diets. Remember, maintaining healthy weight is a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The key to doing this successfully is by adapting lifestyle changes for the long term.