To grow up in the forex market, traders must know about the future aspects related to price movement.  They must understand by implementing the different analyses about the future price movements. And the most potent analysis is the technical analysis, and it is based on determining the future potential behavior in the market by approaching previous data.

With various technical indicators, this technical analysis is connected with this. Moreover, traders have access to approach any indicator of forex for MT4 because it is pretty challenging to know which one will be the best for trading purposes.

To guide which MT4 indicator is best for trading, here is the list of best MT4 Indicators which will be helpful for you for your trading strategies.

Best MT4 Indicators

There are different MT4 indicators, and all of them have additional features and characteristics. All are used for various purposes of trading categories. These indicators are used for some particular trading styles than others. Due to this reason, there is no proper way to categorize which MT4 indicator is best for trading purposes.

That’s why there are plenty of indicators, and you can choose according to your need. We will guide about many indicators of MT4 because we should be aware of all these to promote our trading business. Let’s have a look at some best mt4 indicators.


It stands for The Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator. It is the most widely used and popular forex indicator because it is the most trending indicator, and it describes the connection between two moving averages of prices. From 12 sessions, EMA (Exponential Moving Average) is calculated by subtracting the 26 sessions of EMA.

Moreover, the nine-session EMA, also known as the signal line, is plotted on the MACD to trigger and sell signals. There are three ways that the MT4 indicator has.

The Crossovers

The first one is Crossovers, which describes that when the MACD drops from the signal line, it suggests that it is an excellent time to sell the signal. If it is above the line, it indicates that it is time to buy a call.

The Divergence

The second one is Divergence, and when the line diverges the MACD, it shows the “end of the current trend.”

The Dramatic Rise

The third and the last method is Dramatic rise, and when the line rises sharply, security should be returned to its normal levels.


It is also written as Money Flow Index; it is a momentum indicator that uses the volume and instrument price that predicts the current trend. Moreover, it also adds trading volume to RSI (Relative Strength Index).


It is the most widely used indicator indicating the oversold conditions, and its calculations for previous sections use price dynamics. It is a universal indicator used in markets for stock, forex, and crypto and is also used as a tool for the combination with other indicators or stand-alone devices. Also, for trading the trend reversal plus on any timeframes for swing trading and intraday. It draws the plotted graph for rsi settings for 5 minute chart and is used for technical analysis of price.

Moreover, when the typical prices are more significant than the regular prices before then, the positive value of money will come. Also, we can say that a positive value will come when the positive-sum over the total number of periods. Opposite to this, there will be a negative value.

OBV indicator

This OBV indicator can be written as the On Balance Volume indicator, and it is used to measure positive and negative values with the passage of time. It is quite a straightforward method that makes sure of the actual volume by adding and subtracting the values.

It also connects the price movement with volume and goes to the essential measurement of volume. And this indicator depends on the book responsible for the increment in price movement. If the on-balance signal volume indicator rises, the signal will show that volume is increasing. It will happen when in price, there are upward movements.

Similarly, when the on-balance signal volume responds to the decrease in volume when the signal volume is going below. And this will happen when there are downward movements in price.