The online slot has become one of the most favored online games of the moment. There is such a wide range of slots available that it would be amiss not to find out as much as you can about this rising trend in entertainment.

·        3 and 5 reels

The major difference between various types of slot games is the 3 or 5 reels. The three-reel was generally known as the classic slot machine or game, and most online casinos have a large amount of these slots as the foundation of their slot games collection, with the five reels offering a greater win opportunity as it simply has more lines and chances to align the winning symbols. The five-reel slots are also more commonly known as video slots and are generally the most popular type of slot machine in the modern online casino.

As aforementioned, the classic slots generally had one playline down the middle, while the more recent five-reel or video slots have a myriad of winning opportunities and pay lines.

·        Drops and wins

The drops and wins that were introduced by some of developers means that at any time during a win, an additional win or bonus is dropped and can be won. Either free spins, additional games, or just a big bonus win. The chance of winning is entirely random, and anyone who is playing the slot game for a certain bet amount is immediately part of this opportunity. There are casinos with daily drops, weekly drops, and random drops of all sorts of prizes. You will have to be playing for real money or cryptocurrency if the casino allows a or has bitcoin slot machines. If you want to be part of the daily promotions and as such should read all the T’s and C’s before you start.

·        Progressive slots

The progressive jackpot slot has become very popular. The idea is that the jackpot grows progressively larger as you play. Most online casinos will require you to bet at a certain limit to qualify for the bonus or jackpot win, but it makes for a very exciting type of slot game. Part of each bet or wager goes into the progressive win amount, making it feel like a team effort.

·        Hot reels

These are the slot games that have one or two reels that have a hot symbol or a symbol that can cover a number of linked rows. The reel that can stick or is held is known as the hot reel. A great example is the Hot reel Joker games, where one of the reels will hold if it has landed on a specific symbol, allowing the other reels to continue spinning. It’s a great way to add extra spins and also the additional chances to win.

The slots are no longer just the slots, they are the most popular games at the online casino, and there is no doubt that this will continue into the future as they remain exciting and exhilarating and provide for hours of fun for so many. The types of slots detailed herein provide a foundational understanding of what you will encounter at the online casino.