When a strain becomes the talk of the town, the eyebrows of cannabis connoisseurs lift everywhere, and that is what’s happening with Boss OG. Years ago, the strain was created as a phenotype of the celebrity strain – OG Kush and is now considered one of the best buds you can get your hands on.

If you are a cannabis connoisseur that has yet to try Boss OG, you may be wondering if you should be placing an order at your local dispensary. Keep reading to find out if Boss OG is one of the best choices for connoisseurs and why it is gaining popularity among the cannabis community.

What Does a Cannabis Connoisseur Look For?

A cannabis connoisseur has a vast knowledge of everything and anything cannabis related. These individuals can look at, smell, or taste a strain and identify it based on the sensory information they picked up. This ability to identify cannabis is similar to the ability of a wine or fine art connoisseur; it is often driven by passion.

A cannabis connoisseur looks for these key identifiers when trying a new strain:

What is The cannabinoid Content?

The type of cannabinoid a person is looking for varies depending on personal need; however, high THC levels are what most connoisseurs look for. 

Is There a High Trichome Content?

A plant that has a lot of trichomes generally indicates a high level of cannabinoids or terpenes. Therefore, a connoisseur may look for more frosty buds or plants.

What is The Terpene Profile?

Terpenes are responsible for a plant’s unique taste, smell, and effect. Again, depending on the consumer’s needs, the desired terpene will change. A person that smokes to get some sleep might look for high limonene content, and a person or a person that needs energy might look for high beta-caryophyllene levels.

What are The Colors of The plants and Nugs?

Cannabis comes in many colors other than green. A cannabis plant and its buds may be purple, orange, blue, or red, and many people follow the common misconception that colorful bud means potent weed. Although the color doesn’t necessarily mean much regarding potency, a connoisseur knows that it does provide hints about maturity level, growing conditions, and possible entourage effects. 

How Does The Bud Feel?

A “pro smoker” will look for buds that are dense, moist, and sticky- not dry, wet, or crumbly.

What is The Strain’s Rarity?

Cannabis connoisseurs want to smoke and grow legendary strains because getting your hands on them is considered a premium once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You will never see a cannabis connoisseur pass on the chance to purchase a strain that is hard to find. 


Does Boss OG Hit the Mark?

Because of its rarity, potency, and effects, the Boss OG strain is currently one of the most talked about products on the market.

Boss OG is a perfect 50-50 mix of indica and sativa, meaning it provides the consumer with the best of both worlds. Indicas primarily offer a calming and relaxing “body high” effect that is great for insomnia and pain. Sativas primarily offer energizing “mind high” effects, great for mood regulation, creativity, and fatigue. Consumers report feeling euphoria, happiness, relaxation, and pain relief when smoking Boss OG. 

Boss OG also has a high THC content of %26-%27, which means that smoking the strain will likely get you incredibly high. This level of high can be hard to achieve for cannabis connoisseurs since their tolerance is generally pretty high itself.

The terpene profile for Boss OG is impressive because it contains high amounts of fan-favorite terpenes. In this strain, you find significant levels of caryophyllene, fenchol, linalool, humulene, and myrcene. You also find lower levels of limonene and pinene which give the bud an earthy and sour scent. Together, these terpenes provide anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, analgesic, anti-cancer, anti-depressant, and anticonvulsant benefits.

Additionally, Boss OG is known for its dense buds, orange color, and trichome-rich exterior. 


Whether Boss OG is the best strain for a cannabis connoisseur is up to the consumer’s needs. That being said, this rare yet popular strain definitely checks all of the boxes on a connoisseur’s wish list. 

Boss OG has a great terpene profile, THC level, and trichome content. The strains’ psychological and physical effects are not over or under-powering, and the smell and color are pleasant to the eyes and nose.