Construction uses culverts as a tunnel for water to pass through, and the surface is kept dry for anyone to cross. But trenches are more than just bridges and are available in various shapes. Among the different culverts used in construction are box culverts. In this article, you will learn where and when box culverts are used by discussing their uses and advantages.

Advantages Of Box Culverts

Box culverts have key advantages that draw attention to the different types of culverts used in construction. Although box culverts are mostly used for drainage, they are also used as tunnels and storage. The rigid frame structure of box culverts is best for non-perennial streams. Here are the box culverts application benefits:

Cost-effective Build

Box culverts are desired by many primarily because they are cost-effective, especially precast box culverts. There is no need for separate foundations for box culverts, which means this is an economical option. The affordability of box culverts is mainly due to their rigid structure and monolithic action. 

Proven Structure

Box culverts have been proven to maintain strong performance for a long time. There is no need for more protective treatments to improve the performance and last long. The internal finish of box culverts is smooth and does not rust overall. And the quality finish of box culverts guarantees efficient flow with minimal upkeep.

Easy Installation

Durable box culverts can be in different sizes depending on their design and purpose. Purchasing precast box culverts is easier than building them onsite. Installing precast box culverts is easy and won’t need a heavy workforce saving you money and time.

Efficient And Versatile

Box culverts have versatile applications perfect for construction because they are built stronger and more efficiently installed than other culverts. The contractor uses box culverts more since they can efficiently handle water flow.

Maximized Capacity

The four sides of a box culvert allow maximum flow capacity that may be lacking in other culverts. Box culverts are wider than other culverts in the construction industry, and this helps better the flow in rough terrains. The enhanced flow capacity handles large flows better than others and is best in frequently rained areas.

Uses Of Box Culverts

Box culverts are reinforced concrete shaped like a box, hence the name. Due to the frame structure of box culverts, this has been a cost-effective option in construction. This culvert type is best for non-perennial streams where the soil is soft, and depth is unimportant. Here are some cases where box culverts are typically used:

In Road and Highway Construction

Box culverts are used in road and highway construction, where water flows below roads and highways and often serves as an animal crossing. Roads and highways typically experience heavy loads and extreme weather; in this case, box culverts are built out of concrete.

In Utility Work

Box culverts are used in utility work to often serve as ducting for industrial use. This culvert is a tunnel to carry electricity, water, and sewer lines. Electrical cables, steam, or air ducts are tucked in box culverts. Box culverts are especially useful in cold places since burying utility lines below frost level can be challenging.

In Railroads

Railroads often feature box culverts like road and highway construction. Box culverts are integral in the construction and maintenance of railroads. Small bridges and crossings over waterways are sometimes replaced with box culverts to utilize the design further.

In Stock And Wildlife Crossings

Crossings over creeks and streams often use box culverts. This allows stock and wildlife to cross safely over water. Box culverts used in stock and wildlife crossings are often in rural areas for farm and national park use.

In Storm Drainage

Box culverts are used to drain excess water to prevent flooding. By redirecting stormwater, box culverts can control the flow of water better. The main use of box culverts in drainage systems is to collect and manage excess water to keep a community safe from floods.

Choose Box Culverts

Box culverts can serve many purposes and last for a long time. Box culverts have endless uses and benefits in construction. If you are looking for strong and high-performing culverts, box culverts are for you.