Various threats exist in the corporate world trying to destroy companies. As a CEO or manager, you must focus on these things and develop the perfect working atmosphere that drives results and grows the company. Without total dedication, you can’t see your business thrive. One of the biggest issues every business owner faces is the hacking problem and data protection. Addressing this issue is essential because of various reasons. There are multiple solutions, with cloud computing being among the top ones.

In this article, we share a couple of stats, tips, and information about this topic. We will show you why data protection and focusing on cloud computing is crucial for facing and solving this threat. Follow up and learn more about how to stay safe from intrusions.

Hackers never sleep

You may run operations in North America or Australia, but hackers don’t mind where you’re located since they do their work through the internet. The internet allows hackers to reach your network at all times, no matter where both of you are.

The estimated cost of hacking attacks is over $10 trillion annually. They attack for numerous reasons, and they have no mercy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big company with hundreds of employees or a tiny one with just a few – they will do the damage regardless.

Data breach costs companies an enormous amount of money

The average amount that hackers cost companies is $9.48 million as of 2023. This number constantly grows and will be even higher with time – the growth of AI and the number of hackers operating leaves no one safe.

Investing in data security is essential just because of this. Hackers will not ask how much you make or how much the company’s worth. Most hackers won’t even remember they attacked you but will gladly take the benefits from their previous work.

Lack of data security is against the law

Although not everywhere, lack of data security may be against the law. Checking the local laws and regulations is a smart thing to do when you’re working in the industry. Companies working with customers and their data should be especially careful about this.

Stealing your corporate information by hackers and letting them flow in public may not just be dangerous for the business, but will face you with the law. This is why you should address the issue as seriously as possible.

Hackers can drive off customers

As we just mentioned, data breaches and hacker intrusions can significantly harm your business, and if you’re working with customers, you may lose most of them. No customer wants to see that their data was used by third parties.

Your customers will be furious if you legally sell their information to third parties and will never accept or forgive you if you let hackers steal it. You can’t run a successful business without happy customers.

They can also prevent clients from collaborating

The same applies to clients you’re working with as for the customers. Collaborating with clients means sharing vital information about both businesses and if you let hackers steal it, you’re risking the trust of the clients you’re working with.

Paying as much attention as possible is crucial for having all wheels run smoothly. The production process has multiple layers and levels of work, and this is one of the things that will easily break most of them if you’re not careful.

Brand reputation is at stake without a great IT solution

Suppose you’ve been building a brand for decades. Just one hacking attack and intrusion can ruin all of that. Multiple examples exist in which brands were completely ruined by hackers who managed to destroy their reputations by stealing data and sharing it with the public.

If you don’t want this to happen, you must invest in proper protection. There are various options when it comes to data protection – from antihacking and antivirus programs to hiring IT agencies that will protect your data. Most companies will migrate all data to the cloud, which has proven to be the best protection against hackers.

Cloud solutions are the best option out there

As we mentioned, cloud IT solutions are the best against these threats. Look for the best option and let the pros handle your data security. If you’re an old-fashioned company that haswith nothing online, you have nothing to worry about, but since it’s 2023 and everything is on the internet, your best friend should be the IT company of your choice.

Spend some time researching the best ones around you and hire those who have excellent reputations. Spending a piece of your yearly budget on protection is much better than risking hackers intruding and stealing millions by additionally ruining your long-built business.