It is a known fact that gambling has been always an integral part of life for hundreds or even thousands of years. This entertaining aspect can be found in various cultures around the globe. For example, gambling appeared more than 4,000 years ago in China, and more than 2,000 years ago in Greece. Speaking about the United Kingdom, the first gambling activity that is national lotteries appeared in the overlap of two periods – the 15-16th centuries. What is interesting, these lotteries helped to raise salaries and the financial condition of water resources in London.  

The technological revolution has helped to push the boundaries of gambling, adding this sphere to the online market. The modern world has implemented a good great deal of technological options, so online gambling does so too. With the help of these technologies, people have gotten wider access to online casinos. From common credit cards to options of virtual reality – various innovations have transformed online casinos completely. So, what are these tech features?

Diversity of payment solutions, including cryptocurrencies

If we look back we will see that cash was the only option to gamble. But everything has changed. At the current time, players have endless methods like banking cards and electronic wallets. 

However, payments of these types require gamblers to provide their banking and private information. That is why, a lot of modern players prefer opting for digital coins such as BTC or Doge. 

Cryptocurrencies are the newest transactional method that appeared in online gambling recently. They are based on blockchain mechanisms that allow gamblers to stay protected and private during their iGaming journey. 


If we speak about smartphones, they are a big need rather than a luxury in today`s world. This technology enables people to not just send messages or make calls. Moreover, it brings an opportunity to do online shopping, keep track of the latest news, and play various games without leaving home. 

Imagine only, 78 percent of the adult generation of modern society has smartphones. That is why, this technology has revolutionised online gambling. Players can dive into their beloved games and keep moving at the same time. 


In case you think that smartphones do not let you be flexible enough what can you say about smartwatches? This wearable device practically replaced common watches. No wonder! They open a lot of interesting opportunities. You can check your email, answer calls, run all apps, and even play casino games. Of course, not all gambling sites are ready for this technology, but it is not a problem to find a special casino app for this gadget. 

A login option with the help of a fingerprint

Due to the increased popularity of internet casinos, it is essential to pay regard to security measures. Current gambling platforms provide various methods for this reason. For example, you can choose a casino that is based on SSL encryption or apply for an extra layer of protection like fingerprint access to you iGaming account. With the help of the last one, you will get improved protection of your information and gaming funds.

Two-factor authentication

Another method to make your protection better is to double the login process. It is possible thanks to two-factor authentication. Gamblers who have supported this option for logging in to an online casino use two levels of passwords. The first one is that you created while registering, and the second will be sent to your email or phone number. 

3D digital slots

Of course, techno innovations have not only improved the security measures of iGaming. They have made online gambling more engaging and interesting. Online slot machines are one of the great examples. Nowadays, they are not a simple game of fortune, they also bring a lot of options to try. You can find this moment while reading a Ricky casino review.

3D technology has leveled this type of gambling entertainment due to the implementation of head-spinning graphics and themed elements to their gameplay. These characteristics allow gamblers to feel a progressive experience rather than just repetitive slot spinning.

Options of live gaming at online casino

Sometimes, players dream about visiting brick-and-mortar casinos somewhere in Las Vegas or Monaco. Thanks to live gaming this dream can come true. In live digital casino activities, all the actions of real dealers and croupiers are streamed in real time, allowing players to watch how they shuffle cards and even to communicate with them and other game participants via live chats. 

Other additional options like realistic sounds add an extra level of social interaction in every live title. So, you can play such games as blackjack or roulette from your home, and at the same time, feel in a real casino.

As you can understand, various technologies have influenced online gambling, elevating this leisure activity to a new level. It helps attract new visitors and keep regular players engaged.