Humans have always craved entertainment; you only have to look at the Roman arenas where slaves had to fight lions and gladiators took on all-comers and thankfully, we have come a long way since those bloody days! Of course, live entertainment is always going to be part of society, music concerts, sporting events and theatre will continue, although nowadays these events are streamed across the Internet, which means millions can enjoy shows they wouldn’t normally get to see live.

Online sex industry

You probably didn’t know that Pornhub has millions of registered users, plus the adult sex toy market is massive; most people prefer to buy their sex aids online rather than visit the store. Adult toys are big business, as people rid themselves of any stigma and look to improve their sex life with a few aids, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Andrew Tate made millions for the webcam industry and the sex industry has well and truly moved online.

Online dating

Adult dating is thriving, some people are looking for their soulmate, while others are into casual sex and short-term relationships. Online dating allows you to narrow down potential dates and we recommend being honest, as this avoids issues. Professional people who feel they are unlikely to meet a suitable partner might register with a few online dating agencies and see who is also looking for a partner.

Major sporting events

Pay-per-view brings in billions of dollars, as fans watch top MMA, boxing and football live, while many events are streamed for free on YouTube. For less than $100, you can watch a major UFC event from the comfort of your living room, while if you are into snooker, get to watch the World Championships at The Crucible in Sheffield. If tennis is your thing, tune in to the Australian Open and enjoy the games without the hassle of going to the arena. Click here for a list of sports with the biggest betting.

Online casinos

Probably the fastest-growing online industry, the multi-billion-dollar gaming sector offers all the glitz and glamour of a bricks-and-mortar casino, which you can login and enjoy anytime. Play the slots, maybe win a life-changing jackpot (someone has to get it), try your hand on the roulette table, or see if you can beat the dealer on the blackjack table, stay away from the high bet tables; for those who know the numbers, baccarat is the game. Some are there for the million-dollar jackpots, some like the whole experience, others are more professional about their playing, looking to win in the long term. You have to be disciplined and stick to your system, whatever that might be if you want to beat the house. Many players are not too worried about losing a few dollars and the excitement is value for money; of course, they would never say no to the big win, and most play the slots for that very reason.

Entertainment has gone digital and maybe that is preparing us for the Metaverse that is definitely on the horizon.