Physical therapy is often underestimated, but the right combination of exercises and coaching can help alleviate the symptoms of many profound medical conditions. Physical therapy Carrboro is for more than just rehabilitation after acute injury. It is also a way to support the results of orthopedic surgery for chronic conditions, and sometimes it is useful on its own, especially for conditions like scoliosis.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine has an unexpected curve that can affect range of motion, strength, and daily comfort. The additional curve is usually shaped like an S or a C, and it can run in any direction. Treatment for scoliosis often involves physical therapy and back brace prosthetics, with some cases requiring orthopedic surgery.

Treatments can manage the condition, but it can not be fully cured. Physical therapy and exercise can prevent noticeable symptoms from reoccurring for many, but there is always a chance the curve could reassert itself. The spinal curvature caused by scoliosis often becomes more pronounced over time if it is left untreated, and it has been known to become life-threatening in extreme cases.

There are many possible causes for scoliosis, and like many conditions, there do seem to be genetic risk factors. One thing is certain, however, and that is that scoliosis can be acquired through repetitive stress injuries and bad posture. That makes proper movement and stretching important for anyone worried about preventing scoliosis from occurring or from flaring back up after it has been treated.

How Physical Therapy Treatment Improves Daily Life

Muscle strength, posture, and activity levels can affect your symptoms and your daily comfort levels profoundly if you have scoliosis. While physical therapy and exercise alone rarely correct a spinal curve completely, they can help prevent it from worsening. In some cases, they can improve the curvature enough to minimize symptoms without further intervention, but often physical therapy is paired with surgery or prosthetic devices that help alleviate the curvature.

Over time, as patients learn how posture affects the spine and muscles in the back are conditioned to support proper posture, the patient’s range of motion and activity improves. It does more than just support corrective measures, though. Physical therapy Boone NC can also help lower pain and control inflammation, and as a patient’s range of motion improves, physical therapists are there to help strengthen newly mobile muscle groups and correct imbalances with exercises that help you improve your body’s mechanics generally, supporting your long-term health.

Find Physical Therapy for Scoliosis

Finding the right physical therapist is a matter of finding a location that has staff experienced with the condition you are treating. Not all physical therapists have the same practical knowledge even if they are all trained to the same high standard. Search for physical therapy near me that has specific programs or practitioners who treat scoliosis if you want the best possible advice about your condition. Start now so you can get the help you need to reduce pain and improve your quality of life.