Molempire.com is a blog focused on unconventional art and artists, keeping you inspired and entertained with the latest trends on art, photography, movies, TV shows, music, fashion and lifestyle.

Launched in August 2010 by Andrei and Le Mole, Mole Empire was founded with the intention of exposing the millions of untold stories of “underground” artists trying to make a difference with their work. Throughout time, we have covered lots of topics, from internet trends, to fashion, healthy and productive living, music, movies or TV shows. But whatever the topic covered, we tried and hope we succeeded to inspire you and bring a smile on your face. There are a lot of beautiful stories to be told in this world and a lot of artists to be discovered, so if you know one, write us and we will tell their stories.


Mole Empire is a platform for promoting unconventional art and artists and for exposing their stories to the world, either already a success or on their way to success. From street blogs, to fashion designers building a label, to music or to the latest trends on TV shows, we pick the latest and most inspiring topics to enlighten your day. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and a hidden talent that the world can’t wait to read about.

A platform for learning

Besides being a platform for promoting artists, Mole Empire is also a platform for learning and developing our writing skills. All our authors and contributors use it to develop their writing skills in an attempt to create compelling content. We encourage our authors to write about their hobbies and interests, that is why our website features a diversity of articles covering all sorts of topics. Most of us are not native English speakers, which can be easily observed in our articles, but we try and make it perfect. As we are in a continuous process of learning, any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

Want to have your story told on Mole Empire?

Either you’re an artist trying to spread the word about your work, have a friend that creates some really great stuff or simply stumbled upon something really cool that you think others should know about, then contact us and we’ll tell these stories for you.

Want to contribute or join our team of authors?

Have any ideas or anything to share with us? Did you like what you’ve seen on Mole Empire? Does the thought of joining our team of authors appeal to you? If the answer of any of these questions is yes, just write an email to Andrei and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I republish your articles on my site?

No! We have put an immense amount of time in every article, and every work is copyrighted. You can only quote our articles with a link back, which would be greatly appreciated.

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