Ada runs on coffee, sugar, internet and books, and usually likes to multitask. TV shows and movies are her favorite pass time but occasionally she’ll take time off from it all and travel somewhere amazing and preferably far, far away. She also loves writing about everything she sees and experiences; however, behind a camera is where she feels the most comfortable.

7 Reasons to Love White Collar

Photo from White Collar Facebook page White Collar is our new favorite summer show and its season premiere is just around the corner. We are counting the days until we can finally get to see what happened with Neal and Mozzie after they famously left town with the entire FBI on their tracks. However, since…

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Independence Day Themed Desserts – Celebrate 4th of July in Style

Independence Day is right around the corner and many of you are probably planning to celebrate this 4th of July. That is why we gathered a few simple ideas for decorating your desserts in the spirit of this patriotic holiday. And since cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser, we have some great ideas for red,…

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Airtime – A New Social Network or Just a Rehash of Old Ones

Photo from Airtime Facebook page A few weeks ago a new social network joined the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, the same minds who brought Napster into our virtual worlds, created the first live video network, named Airtime. This network uses live video links to bring people with…

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Season Finale Special: Best Songs From Mad Men

Photo from Tumblr Even from its beginning, Mad Men, the 60’s themed smash hit, has brought a retro influence in many areas like fashion, style, TV shows, and even social rapport. Nevertheless, the music Matthew Weiner chooses for every episode plays a very important part into immersing the audience into that glamorous world. Weiner is…

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CW’s New Line-Up: Short and Sweet

The young adult network has five new TV shows inspired from comic books and novels perfect for their target audience. Also, most of the shows have actors who made a name in previous CW series and it will be a real treat to see them back on our television screen. Let’s check out what The…

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ABC Has A New Line-Up And It’s Full Of Surprises

We are in the middle of up-fronts, and ABC has no more than 10 new TV shows to proudly present us. And this time we have footage for every single one. However, we can’t help but notice the country flavor a couple of shows have. After we’ve said our final goodbyes to Desperate Housewives, or…

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NBC’s New Fall Line-Up – What We’ll Be Watching Next Season

It’s that time of the year, when we say our final goodbyes to the series that ended or were cancelled and when we duel about the soul crushing cliffhangers our favorite shows left us with over the summer. However, this is also the time when we get a sneak peek into the brand new crop…

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Jennifer Garner and Dakota Fanning Staring In New YouTube Series

Photo from the show’s Facebook page Dakota Fanning and Jennifer Garner are among the celebrities that will star on the new online series called WIGS. Premiering on Monday, May 14, the web channel will bring original scripted series, documentaries, and short films in which will star only female leads. WIGS stands for Where It Gets…

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A Scream Worth $120 million

Photo from The Poppy’s by the Tree Killer on Tumblr The famous painting entitled “The Scream” by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch just became the most expensive painting sold at an auction, after it fetched no more than $119.9 million. The expressionist painting was sold recently during a Sotheby’s auction to an anonymous buyer, thus also…

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The Mad Men Effect Is Taking Over Television

Since we’re rapidly approaching the end of another brilliant television season, we can’t help but notice how many of the new series are inspired by the success of the 60’s set Mad Men. After an array of procedural, medical and legal dramas that have taken over our television in the past few years, lately, the…

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Funny T-Shirts For St. Patrick’s Day

It’s that time of the year again, when people wear green, drink a lot of beer (which sometimes is also green) and gingers are considered cool. That’s right, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! The day when you can celebrate your Irish roots, and if you don’t have any Irish blood, it’s OK; you can drink green…

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The World Unites Against Kony Online

Photo from 4Young on Tumblr In less than a week the name Kony became worldwide famous with the help of dozens of celebrities and hundreds of thousands of tweets and Facebook shares. However, Joseph Kony is not exactly a celebrity. At least, not in the common sense of the word. He is one of the…

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