(short for Beatriz) is a marketing and communication addict who has a feisty appetite for Art and History. Warning: do not introduce these subjects in a conversation, unless you want to spend the next hours listening to her endless speeches about the importance of these topics on the balance of the Universe.

Challenging Conventions

In 1863, for the first time in centuries, a guy named Edouard Manet challenged what it was known as “Art”. An anti-academist who rattled a cage that was left to rest in peace for too many centuries, Manet would open the way for the biggest artistic revolution ever seen. Impressionism, Dadaism, Cubism, Surrealism, Pop Art,…

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10 Freaky Pieces of “Oddvertising”

2010 was a very fruitful year for weird pieces of advertising throughout the world. Shock and surprise are both very powerful tools to use in advertising campaigns. They are an excellent ingredient to grab your audience’s attention, but, as everything else in the world, they must be used with caution and rationality. Otherwise you will…

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5 Ways To Use QR Codes Effectively

QR codes (abbreviated from Quick Response codes) are a marketing tool that has been around since 1997, basically it’s a specific matrix bar code (or two-dimensional code) that is machine readable and designed to be read by smartphones. Since advertising and sales people have found this new tool they have been using it like there’s no…

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Coloring Color Blindness

Miguel Neiva, a Portuguese designer and university teacher, has developed a graphical code to communicate color to colorblind people, the ColorAdd system. This code is based on the universal concepts of color interpretation and mixture and allows colorblind people to correctly identify colors, hues, brightness and mixtures. Color Blindness is a congenital alteration provoked by…

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