Le Hobbit

Le Hobbit is your average halfling hole-dweller, fattish in the stomach, shortish in the leg. He is interested in food in all shapes and sizes, is obsessed with the comfort of his lovely little home, and from time to time enjoys long barefoot walks around the virtual Shire.

Breaking Bad Sacrifices 2011 Awards for Ratings

Photo from Las Horas Perdidas When the 2011 Critics’ Choice Television Awards nominees’ list was released earlier this month, it spelled disaster for Breaking Bad fans. Most online sources were so eager to post the nomination list that they simply discarded additional comments about those shows that didn’t make it in the critics’ good books, among which…

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Destroyed: Moby’s Broken Down Electronic Music For Empty Cities At 2 AM

Photo from Slash Moby fans across the world sure have a reason to be ecstatic, as the musician’s tenth studio album will be released this Monday. The artist himself describes the new album as being very melodic, atmospheric, and electronic. If i had to sum it up I would describe it as: “broken down melodic electronic…

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The Fast-Food Diet

Photo from FIOTD Try convincing anyone that you can lose weight while being on a fast-food diet and chances are you’d be laughed off the face of Earth. However, as crazy and strange this may sound, one Indiana 20 year old college student turned to a Subway sandwich diet as a desperate effort to fight…

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The Defective New Digg Invitation And Authentication System

After being enthusiastic about getting a New Digg invitation from a friend, I got stuck with connecting with my current Digg account which is Facebook connect – based. It proved impossible. What I tried was to add an email address and then recover my password from the Facebook account. But guess what? No success.

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The Estonian In The Cupboard

You can tell a lot about how cool a place is by simply getting a feel of the locals’ idea of fun. And people in Estonia certainly have an unique and contagious way of approaching fun and, well, drinking. Here’s one drinking game example.

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