Mihi is an underground creature, interested in art and literature, in all shapes and colours, trapped in a computer scientist body and brain. She loves coffee and good readings in between of code writing. Here, she exercise writing out of patterns.

European Erotic Marathon

Valentine’s Day usually makes people cheesy and sometimes you find yourself saying you are better off without all this fairy tale celebrations of love. But what if you decide to transform your post-Valentine-weekend intro a cultural-erotic trip in Europe? Below you’ll find a hot list of beautiful European cities, all proudly possessing great architecture, cultural…

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Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day Edition

For the incurable romantics Victoria’s Secret found the perfect mix: lingerie, chocolate and sexy perfumes are the ingredients for Valentine’s Day 2012. The brand teamed up with Vosges to create a special edition of luxury chocolate. It is available in stores only on February 14th or as a gift for any $75 purchase. And if chocolate…

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Epic Fails with Youtube Newcomers 10SecondTraumas

Family drama, funny cat videos, Justin Bieber…you can say that YouTube is pretty offertory. Surfing around the above mentioned cat videos I found some nice 10 seconds videos presenting every day drama. And now, who can refuse some small douse of entertainment a day? Anna Akana and Deirdre Devlin, two lovely ladies created their channel…

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Let it Rain! Several Ways to Fight Bad Weather

The last week of September is probably the moment when you realize good old summer is over. Even if once in a while you get to see over 25 degrees, it is time to accept it is done. Autumn is here. And we have to be prepared! After finding your tune for fighting with bad…

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Inspired by Cupcakes

From weddings and costumes, to tattoos and graffiti, cupcakes invaded our world and made it more colorful and peaceful. Girls wear jewellery inspired by them, designers dedicate collections to them, artists around the globe create art around them…cupcakes, who doesn’t love them? Even if you try to educate yourself for becoming more food-aware, I am…

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Where to Get Inked – Tattoo Conventions in the Last Weekend of August

Either you are just a fan of body art and like to admire it, or you are the rebellious spirit that express itself through his body, bellow you can find a list of the best tattoo conventions in the world, all taking place at the end of August. So, pack light and let’s see where…

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Interior Design Ideas for Home Reading Corners

I am a big fan of hardcover books: I love the smell of old, I love the yellow pages, the torn covers or the turned page corners. I already have a small library in my parent’s house — some 300 books gathered over time, and the plans for my future house include at least one reading corner….

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LA’s Suburbs Revealed by Chad Kultgen

If you ever wondered how’s life in the suburbs of LA and what kind of metaphysical questions are on teenagers’ minds maybe Men, Women & Children by Chad Kultgen reveals the answer. LAist describes Chad Kultgen book as being A dystopian look at life in the suburbs. Sex, technology and more sex are front-and-center for the junior high…

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Supervert – Definitions of Perversity

What is perversity? Dictionary definitions would say it is anything directed away from what is right or good. Freud would say it is the ability to derive sexual pleasure from any part of the body. Freud believed that a young child is a pervert, because he would touch his body in a manner unacceptable to…

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MoSex: Where Knowledge Meets Pleasure

Photo source New York’s 5th Avenue hides one of still most controversial museums in the history of human kind: MoSex. For less that 18 euro one can access a collection of over 15,000 artefacts and costumes, research material, and a media library. Photos source So far, the Museum of Sex managed to blow peoples minds, fight the…

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