Miruu is an open minded, sociable person who likes to spend her time reading, daydreaming and eating Nutella (quite an addiction). She enjoys being surrounded by people from whom she has something to learn and she's always looking for new challenges and opportunities. She says she won't be completely fulfilled till she swims in the Pacific, does wind-surfind and owns a house on Cote d'Azur.

Plastic Bags – The New Urban Art Trend

What would you do with a plastic bag ? The answer would probably be to use it at shopping or to store something in it. After a while they multiply so much that eventually you will abandon them in a corner or throw them to the trash. A group of anonymous artists called Luzinterruptus in…

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Original Posters for Famous Movies and TV Series

Some while ago we wrote about Behance user Banana Pop Art, a graphic designer student who created a stir on 9gag with her logo parody, featuring Converse – Overpriced Footwear. She is now continuing her work by designing new entertaining movie posters for renowned series and films such as: House M.D., Twilight, Friends, Amelie and…

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The Fantasy Art Drawings of a Romanian Artist

It’s not easy to affirm yourself as an artist nowadays, especially if you are a  young one, but this girl is determined to. We are talking about Andreea S., an eighteen year old student from Romania who developed from an early age an extraordinary artistic sense. “An aspiring animator and film-maker” as she describes herself,…

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