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Adela or Le Mole explores the unknown paths of the internet on her journey of discovering new interesting art talents worth mentioning. She tries to be inspiring to inspire others, interesting to make readers interested. All kinds of art, lifestyle, food concepts, fashion, social media but mostly underground art or artists who deserve to be mentioned is what she enjoys writing about.

“URAYCAMUY” – Transforming Urban Spaces Through Art in Camargo, Bolivia

Artists have always tried to reimagine urban spaces through art. From street art to art installations or transmitting social messages, architects and designers are re-imagining simple and forgotten places in cities all around the into more dynamic and beautiful spaces. Such a transformation has also happened in Camargo, Bolivia, due to the XII Latin American…

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The Rise in Online Gaming: How, Where and Who plays?

From e-games to lottery games, video games and even social networking and mobile games, the online gaming industry is a giant, with something to offer to anyone. Today’s highly digital world is making even traditional games migrate in the online world. Lottery games like bingo or gambling have been revolutionized and their online version is…

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Untitled – The People Who Are Lost in Time or Lose Memories, A photo project by Ozge Cone

“Untitled – The people who are lost in time or loose memories”, is a photographic series by Ozge Cone, a Turkish photographer currently based in London, capturing the concept of chaos and psychological traumas and situations which are common to humans. Dwelling on the concept of chaos and duration for a long time, the artist…

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Coffee Paintings on Antique Ledger Paper by Michael Aaron Williams

Michael Aaron Williams is a street artist who creates paintings on ledger paper from the early 1900s and 1800s, using coffee and ink. This antique paper, coming from the artist’s Great Great Grandparent’s rural Appalachian store, brings a touch of character into his work, which comes from the wears of time, and the coffee perfectly…

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Beauty Captured in Mixed Media Portraits by Zaki Alatas

Zaki Alatas is a freelance graphic designer based in Australia. His work is a mixture of photo manipulation and digital painting, in which he captures beauty in a dark and bright manner at the same time. Most of his artworks are centered around female portraits. Some of his works are trilogies inspired by a specific…

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Two-Frame Pictogram Movie Posters by Viktor Hertz

Who knew that Kickstarter fosters collaborative creative processes between artists and supporters of projects? Two-frame pictogram movie posters is an interesting project by Viktor Hertz resulted as a collaboration between his Kickstarter supporters, who were involved in his idea right from the beginning. Viktor Hertz, a graphic designer from Sweden wanted to tell the story…

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ID – a Fictional Journey into the Psyche, an Art Show with Roots in Urban Culture

Last month, from 14th til 30th of April, the Display Gallery in London hosted an unique event – “ID, a fictional journey into the Psyche”. A group exhibition of 14 international emerging artists, the show featured a wide array of artworks across different media, all with roots in urban culture. The event is a reference…

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Sonja du Toit’s Eerie Photography

Freelance photographer and graphic designer Sonja du Toit shoots powerful and dark images in her studio based in South Africa. With an inclination towards gothic art, her pieces capture mostly mysterious and eerie portraits. Like this series, an episode of  an other-worldly, fantasy like “lady octopus”, who seems to be absorbed or transformed in the…

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Woozmoon Art or the Journals of a Globetrotter

Mona Lumir Fabiani or Woozmoon, a self-taught artist living and working in Marseille, is an insatiable globetrotter who capture visual moments in so called “travel books”. From drawing, to painting, crafts or photography, her visual art is a result of her journeys around the world which she puts on different media, like photos or personalized…

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Stop Motion Eastern Europe Road Trip Video by Ofer Rozenman

In September 2014, Ofer Rozenman and his friends traveled across Eastern Europe in a 3000km journey and shot “yet another stop motion road trip video”. Shot with a Sony RX1, this captivating and dreamy travel video captures 200GB and 8000 stills covering Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Italy. It just makes you want to pack…

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Romanians Recreate Rich Kids of Instagram into Hilarious Everyday Photos

The Internet never ceases to amaze us. In the social media hype, the hashtag #RichKidsOfInstagram is a much debated topic these days. Either you’re on Instagram or not, you’ve probably heard of the sensation caused by the account with the same name. With more than 100k followers, this is the place where wealthy teens flash…

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The Atlas of Beauty – An Unique Project Capturing Female Portraits From All Over the World

Mihaela Noroc, a Romanian photographer who quit her job and traveled in 37 countries around the globe, documented hundreds of women in their cultural settings and gathered the photos in a powerful and authentic project titled The Atlas of Beauty. This series aims at showing the diversity of our world, as captures through female portraits,…

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