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Best Dresses from the 2012 Golden Globes

Every year when movie-awards events approach, while actors wonder if they’re going to win any awards, the public and journalists wonder about the dresses that will appear on the red carpet. On January 15 took place the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards and most of the Hollywood actresses – but not only, gathered again on the…

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Ideal Rings for Coffee Lovers

Coffee is for millions of people, that tasty and energizing black beverage they can’t live without. Of course, in time, an overwhelmingly number of combinations and aromas have been created – each tastier than the other. The legend tells that 700 years ago, while out to pasture his sheep, an Ethiopian shepherd saw them eating leaves…

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Great Advertising Techniques for Movie Releases

There are so many types of advertising these days, that if I had to list them I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Even so, in the entertainment and movie industry you always have to look for new ways of promoting your work because it doesn’t matter if the product is good, as long as…

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6 Creative Calendars to Get You Through the Year

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Time flies but even if we cannot stop it, we can at least make wonderful memories to help us get through life. We all use a calendar to remind us of events or simply to keep our life in order but the problem is that most of them are quite plain. Maybe it’s…

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18 Inspirational Pumpkin Carvings for Halloween

Carving pumpkins for Halloween is always a challenge if you want to stand out. Typical Halloween-themed carvings like the classical Jack O’Latern, are pretty much outdated, so why not try something new for this year’s “spooky-celebration”? Here are 18 amazing pumpkin-carvings to get you inspired: Troll Face Pumpkin Carving Photo by Amita-Eppes on deviantART Pumpkin…

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Mothers to the Rescue

Lesson No.1: Never mess with mama’s baby! If animal mothers could talk they would definitely scream: “Get your paws off my baby!” in situations like the ones presented below. And as if their menacing growls wouldn’t be enough to scare away the attackers, they don’t waste a single second when their babies are in danger….

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Lolcats Become House-cats

LOLcats always seem to fool around bringing up funny or ironical jokes. They usually ‘say’ the silliest or funniest of things but lately it seems that LOLcats settled down and rumor has it they are great housewives or…cleaning ladies. If you don’t believe me, take a look at these pictures which prove that they can…

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Celebrities Who Look Alike

Usually it doesn’t come as a surprise that some Hollywood celebrities look similar since most of them follow the same trends and some also have what is called “common features” but it is astonishing how some of them seem to look like twins. It often gets confusing but when it comes to actors there’s also…

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Mankind vs. Earth Illustrated Jokes

Sarcastic jokes about Earth being destroyed by mankind have been and still are all over the internet and not only. We seem to harm our planet and then we start joking about it. Some of these jokes are good, some are catchy and some are…well…stupid. Nevertheless they seem to spread quite fast. But in the…

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Amazing Coffee And Toast Portraits

When someone says “coffee and toast” you probably think of breakfast, right? Well some people decided to use these items in a definitely more creative way. They put together loads of coffee cups or toasted slices of bread resulting some pretty impressive portraits of painted-characters, celebrities and other people. After taking a look at the…

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Impressive Mechanical Watches For ‘Only Watch’ Charity Auction

“Only Watch” is a special charity event that takes place every two years, in Monaco during the Monaco Yacht Show. All the proceeds gathered go to research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). This year’s event, which is the 4th one so far, will take place on September 23rd at the Hotel Hermitage where Prince Albert…

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Levitating Sports Balls For Desks

Huge fan of sports and/or technology? It doesn’t really matter because now you can mix both of them. The “Zero-G Sports Levitating Balls” are some really cool gadgets that mix both sports and technology. These anti-gravity sports balls seem to float mysteriously in mid-air, above their mini-fields, but this levitation is possible due to electronically induced magnetism….

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