Roxanne is a future PR person who is in love with sunny weather, movies, TV series, Sci-Fi books and fashion. She has a mild case of addiction to chocolate, the Internet, spaghetti, shopping, socializing, sunbathing and eating chips while watching romantic comedies.

6 Tips on How to Spoil Your Dog

To pamper themselves, people go to spas, travel or buy luxurious houses, expensive cars and brand clothes. But what can you do to make your four legged friend feel the same comfort? Take Your Dog a Picture All Day, Every Day If you love your dog and cherish every moment of his life, why wouldn’t…

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What Type of Serial Killer Are You?

To catch a killer you have to think like a killer is the motto of the successful CBS TV series Criminal Minds. In every episode, the BAU team tries to catch psychopaths, sociopaths, mentally ill, or plain crazy individuals that kidnap and kill their victims in unimaginable ways. To catch and convict them, they use a profile…

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