Determined, ambitious but mostly with my head in the clouds I seek inspiration in everything that surrounds me. I want to create esthetics, the way I understand art and leave something behind, something people could marvel at.

Best Ways to Discover New Music

The world around us is constantly changing. Trends are changing, tastes are changing and people are changing. The same goes for music. People are seeking inspiration and a big part of them find it in music. Even if you have your genre already set, you may still be looking for something new, sometimes. This is…

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The Raw Beauty of Motherhood – The Honest Body Project by Natalie McCain

Maternity and Motherhood are two of the most beautiful stages in a woman’s life. Creating, carrying and protecting a human being until it’s ready to face the outside world is something so ravishing that it should be celebrated everyday. However, it appears that our society today, instead of applauding mothers and telling them what astonishing…

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