Tim Woodward

Tim Woodward originally comes from Bristol in the United Kingdom and has also written for Rushes, Sabotage Times and Studio Magazine. He is based in Cornwall, the land of fantasy novels and lives with some guys who know how to gallivant and appreciate British 90s pop music. He appreciates the dog at Falmouth Town Barber and hopes to co-start a film/music magazine or shop or website.

An Interview with Shaun the Sheep Producer and Animator Peter Lord

A dark, amorphous figure stands by a blackened pewter cauldron and is more like a ghost than a homogeneous form. It stares into the black pit that endlessly snaps and crackles like Meg and Mog’s breakfast, eternally bubbling whilst a figure slowly evolves, getting clearer and clearer. The form comes up to the top of…

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A Method Actress in Manhattan: An Interview with Bettina Mangiaracina

A young woman cackles to herself and moves around a flat somewhere in New York City with a lump for mankind in her heart. This kind of figure is straight out of a Batman film and indeed the capital of the United States has its own Gotham, but Manhattan has its own negative connotations as…

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Hang-Up Gallery Wall To Wall 2014

Graffiti and urban street art, whether symbolic to many or unwelcome to some, excluding Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti, has had a change of attitudes surrounding it in recent years. There has always been some form of paintings or images put onto walls since the pre-historic and then notably in the Roman era, although the attitude…

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Rock n’ Animals: A Music Playlist

Popular music has always featured animals, way back to the days of iconic blues-men like Leadbelly who rhapsodized about farmyard creatures. Paul McCartney also revealed a baffling interest in Mary’s little lamb and some have made their love abundantly clear. Here is a list of re-imagined songs from Bryan Adams to King Crimson that demonstrates the…

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The Sweet, The Transcendental, And The Metaphysical: A Music Playlist

Photo by wikido on tumblr Music has innumerable possibilities, taking emotional states and even metaphysical matters into the listening experience. Everybody knows and has songs that have and continue to take them back to some other emotional plain. This fairly short playlist outruns the gamut by ranging from Ash to Neu!, showing how music can…

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The Londoner and the Interview: Neo-Cubism and Spectatorship in Modern London

The wind blew down on a harsh ground on a summer’s day as a form appeared in a figurative landscape, constantly scouring for inspiration. This intrepid explorer could make Bear Grylls look like an agoraphobic curtain-straightener and make a tumble-drier salesman’s head spin even more. He trundled over a fractured environment where light and colour…

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The Beauty of Human Curiousity and Fatalism: Lauren Baker You Blow My Mind Hang-Up Exhibition

A man moves dreamily through a primarily black and white coloured room that matches the eerie, static darkness of the winter’s evening outside. The pleasing lack of luminosity reflects the bleakness of a heart and aching soul that both Edgar Allan Poe and his morality-laden creations would be proud of. This somnambulist inhabits a fragmented…

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Moniker Art Fair 2013: A Cultural Odyssey

In this day and age, any visitor to the Old Truman Brewery in East London will be enticed by the sensual and cultural odyssey found in Brick Lane. People can appreciate a whirlwind of food products from starchy English fare to Japanese okonomiyaki  as well as graffiti by artists such as Banksy. The elusive character…

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The bravest films: Lessons to Learn for Facing Autumn and Winter

We’ve all arrived at the time of year when acceptance comes before style: no more ghastly Speedo briefs. The vows of good folks who want to abstain from chocolate and exercise after work are largely forgotten in nights that set in fast and children must now face algebra in school again. The attributes of courage…

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Innovation, Creativity, and the Counterculture: Lower Manhattan’s Art Scene in the 1980s

The 1980s saw the emergence of new radical young artists in America, with key underground figures such as Jean- Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf based around Lower Manhattan and the East Village scene.  This prolific and talented group of artists with a counterculture stance, that included Vincent Gallo, was mainly centred around creating…

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The Artistic Sensitivity of a Film-maker: An Interview with Guillermo Barreira

The career of Spanish film-maker Guillermo Barreira started with the success of his documentary Soccer Stories, taking second prize at the sports film festival Marca in 2007. An award was also won at the Festival de Cortos de La casa Encendida de Cajamadrid for Burking, but this belies unique personal experiences. His artistic journey has encompassed…

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