I am an overly passionate, lethargic misanthrope, who very easily finds fault with others. Being very uninterested in people's opinion of me, I relish my egocentricity. I don't hate human beings, I just loathe them from time to time. So I'd call myself quite moderate, even well-behaved, up to the point I go ballistic.

Woody Allen Struggles to Retire from Directing

Directing efficiently When Woody Allen stopped making films, people simply didn’t realize it. They thought he continued to direct. They thought he actually went on creating new stuff. On one hand, he did retire in a way from film making, because what people didn’t know was that he had and has been working for National…

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Losing Art for Art’s Sake in Wang Zhiyuan’s Work

Since Marcel Duchamp exhibited his pissoir (urinal, also called “Fountain”) in New York, a real landmark in art’s history, art has never been the same. Oscar Wilde’s Art of Art’s sake has yielded to the Avantgarde’s gesture, which took precedence over the object. Now we might consider Wang Zhiyuan as one of the contemporary artists…

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Spielberg’s Duel, An Obscure Movie Which Reveals Directing Virtues

Spielberg’s movies are like life itself: they’ve started the process of degradation almost since their inception. This is why we ended up with Indiana Jones, E.T., Catch me of You Can, Jaws or Jurassic Park. And some of these are considered true milestones in the history of cinema, even though most of them are simply…

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Tom Cruise’s Scientological Dilemmatic Phase Ends With Divorce

The Scientological tragedy has just climaxed with Tom Cruise’s divorce from Katie Holmes. Or actually the other way around. The Dawson’s Creek star was the one to file for divorce because, among other things, she was made to give birth quietly. The only problem is that she only realized that she was subdued after no…

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Italy Sees Off Germany

With a header and a very well directed shot, Balotelli seems to have been the positive hero this time, as he was undeniably the man of the match by scoring 2 goals. The Euro 2012 has experienced lots of racist chanting, with UEFA fining several football associations, among which the Russian one, which was made…

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