Stay Ahead of the Curve: 2013 Fashion Trends

Something more challenging than the end of year accounts awaits you. Yes, it is the ever evolving 2013 fashion trends. The fashion predictions for spring/summer of 2013 are finally out and the race to stock up wardrobes whilst staying up to date with fashion has begun. The style for the New Year is simple, sleek,…

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The Incredible Story Of Ladies Fashion

Fashion is about more than just the latest clothes to hit the catwalks. Fashion is a vital indicator of the times we live in. It acts like a mirror held up to the society that creates it. Whether it is a deliberate act or simply an organic process is debatable, but what is for sure…

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Fashion in Movies: Lovely Vintage Outfits Recreated in The Help

There are some movies out there in which the clothing mixes so perfectly with the idea and the setting of the movie, that it’s hard not to notice it, especially if you have and eye for fashion. It happens to be like this with the movie The Help, whose plot is far from fashion. The…

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