The must-see movies of the year so far

When it comes to having a relaxing night in and switching off after a hectic day at work, the favorite choice for so many of us involves a movie or two. Drink poured, feet up, television turned on – what more could you want? Perfection. Other forms of entertainment have their merits too, of course….

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5 Steps to a Job-winning Resume in 2020

Your resume is the first impression the recruiters have of you and hence can prove to be one the most crucial step in your quest for landing your dream job. Having a well-written resume is a must especially if you’re planning to apply for a job on startup tech companies. People behind startups are keen…

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Refine Your Productivity Habits for 2020

Looking back at this year, do you feel confident and proud of everything you’ve accomplished? Either in your personal life or professional life, do you feel that you maximize your time and the output of your efforts is desirable? Productivity impacts us all in one way or another. Maybe you’re already extremely productive but there…

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