Five Outfits for Oscar Nominees at Best Actress in a Leading Role

The Academy Awards gala is just around the corner. Imagine the pressure the nominees are under. But they are not the only ones felling the Oscar rush. Everyone who attends it’s probably exited and can’t wait to get on that red carpet. Do you remember the gowns from last year? There were a lot of…

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Full List of Oscar Nominated Movies and Some Wild Guesses

Have you seen the list of Oscar nominated movies for this year. The Best Picture section has some nice names and amazing movies. Th usual scandal, jokes and buzz around the event is impregnate this year again. We’ve seen people joking about Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance and many fans are crossing finger so that maybe this…

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It’s a Wonderful Night For Oscar: Our Own Billy Crystal Opening Song-and-Dance Intro

Billy Crystal, photo from Dailyslick Billy Crystal made the Oscars telecast must-see TV throughout 1990s, and now he will be back to host the prestigious ceremony for the ninth time. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that he will introduce 2012’s biggest movies with one of his beloved song-and-dance numbers. You don’t know what we’re…

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Ten 2012 Best Picture Oscar Snubs Worth Watching

With only a few days left until the 2012 Academy Awards, now is the perfect time to catch up on movies that did get nominated for Best Picture. But if you’re sick of all the Oscar buzz, there still are some awesome movies released last year that somehow didn’t make the cut for the prestigious…

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