KassemG Interviewing Pornstars

Tired of the irrelevant opinions of nowadays pop culture superstars, KassemG did a thing that should’ve been done long ago. And most importantly, he did it in the way it had to be done. Who cares for an insipid respectful interview with women who, after all, sell themselves as meat? The Californian comedian hosted a…

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Actors Cry to Movies Too!

Have you ever wondered what type of movies make actors cry? Now you have the chance to find out. W Magazine recently sat down with Hollywood’s biggest stars and asked them a simple question: What movie made you cry? A lot of celebrities answered, including James Franco, Mila Kunis, Colin Firth, Javier Bardem and Julianne…

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Celebrities Who Look Alike

Usually it doesn’t come as a surprise that some Hollywood celebrities look similar since most of them follow the same trends and some also have what is called “common features” but it is astonishing how some of them seem to look like twins. It often gets confusing but when it comes to actors there’s also…

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25 Actors Before They Were Succesful, Famous and Rich

It’s always funny to see how actors first entered the glamorous world of show-biz and how they looked before they were able to afford an army of stylists. Because everybody has to start somewhere, and that somewhere isn’t always the ideal part in a high-profile film. A video was uploaded recently on YouTube, showing how…

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Shirley You Can’t Be Serious!

Leslie Nielsen, possibly the only funny slapstick comedian to ever live, is said to have died yesterday of complications from pneumonia. He was 84 years old and he died in his sleep. But this, of course, is false. As always, when such a lively person dies, one can’t abstain but ask himself if it’s true…

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