Interview Questions for a Google AdWords Consultant

Conversion rates for ad clickers are two times that of organic link viewers. That’s a little unexpected. It seems to reason that if 600 million cellphones are using ad blockers, the effectiveness of advertising will decrease. Google Ads generates around $40,3 billion a year in search advertising income. The advertising budgets of major corporations would…

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Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Many people are familiar with Google Ads and the text boxes that come up when they are conducting their regular browsing activities. However, particular Google Shopping ads come up when shoppers search Google for specific items. These are known as Product Listing ads and come with their own advantages. Read about them in detail below….

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Brace Yourselves, the Emotional Christmas Ads Are Here

Well, we all know that Christmas is a time of giving and we all should be better and give more. But brands know this also, they know how emotional people could get and they try to take advantage of this. It’s not all bad, of course. But during this time we have to be brave…

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10 Awesome Commercials From the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVI may already be history, but every ad enthusiast out there is still buzzing about the commercials. And this year we had it all: dogs, cars, vampires, beer and a truly amazing ‘Avengers’ teaser. We’re not going to concentrate on the negative, so we are skipping the ‘horrible ads’ section of this article….

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