Tony Baboon, the Tropical Indie Imp from Eastern Europe

Tony Baboon is the musical project of a particularly joyful individual from Br?ila, Romania. His real name is Adrian C├órciova, he is 28 years old, still remembers listening to music on cassetes, loves some good old fishing from time to time and besides music has a talent for visual arts as well. Before going solo…

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Stylish Cybercafes Around the World

Want to surf the web in style just meters away from people dying of dysentery? Do you want to know the places in the world with the highest speed dial-up Internet? Or maybe you’re just in a third world country and you desperately need to google or to send a fax? Either way, you want…

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Greatest Bars in Africa

Feel like going on a holiday in Africa sometime and you’re not the Safari type? Well there’s definitely more to it than that. Sure, some civil wars might break in, slavery is still at high in some parts of Sudan, Mauritania, Nigeria and other places, but you can actually pull it off and have a…

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