Kittens on Legendary Album Covers

In a world where felines are among the most idealized and praised creatures, virtually for doing nothing and being arrogant about it, someone had to come up with this at some point. The popularity of a rock star combined with that of a kitten is a dangerously awesome combination, so here you have it, cats…

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Top 20 Album Covers with Lions on Them

A symbol of protection for the old Egyptians and a common emblem in heraldry, the lion traditionally illustrates bravery, valour, strength, and royalty. Be it about authority, pride, or Christianity, in coats of arms or on flags, the lion has always been a meaningful figure. Music, filled as it is in many ways with symbolism,…

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Top 20 Best Album Covers with Astronauts on Them

No, none of these albums are Buzz Aldrin’s attempts at a greater fame than Neil Armstrong’s, but most of them sure depict variations of the images that made both of them legendary. Crew members of spacecrafts inspire diverse music genres, ranging from ambient to hard rock and artists from all over the world. A top…

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11 Bewildering Albums of 2011 So Far

I often hear people complaining that there’s no more good music coming out. Or that the best decade was the 70’s or the 80’s and so on. Please do get your head out of your ass and acknowledge that you’re just incapable of finding your music! Mainstream has changed a lot and television is no…

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Weird Album Covers: Top 10 Worst Mustaches

Are you afraid of mustaches? Do you find them repulsive? Do you think that only a small number of men should be allowed to sport one and that only if they’re basically Johnny Depp look-alikes? Well here’s some nightmare material for you then. 1. KEN – By Request Only (1976) Widely considered to exhibit the…

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