The Battle of the Android Reminder Apps

Have you ever forgotten to buy the milk when you went to the supermarket? I surely didn’t forget only the milk, so I started to search for apps for Android that could help me remember important things. After some reading and reviews I have chosen 3 contenders: Springpad, Evernote and Wunderlist to see which is…

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Keep Track of Your Workout Performance with Adidas miCoach Android App

Lately I have been searching for a way to monitor my jogging performance. Since I am a beginner at this I don’t have any specialized gear like a sport watch with built in GPS or special GPS device to track my running route. The only GPS enable device that I owned is my smartphone and…

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Unified Remote Control For Android

I don’t know about you, but since I have a smartphone I am used to check my email or browse the Internet, right from the comfort of my bed. I am sure that this habit is not particularly to me and soon will develop into a trend that will replace the way we use our…

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Forget About Snake, Abyss Attack Is Here!

Yes, forget it, because with the new technology come new possibilities and Nokia’s Snake is so yesterday game. So who will be the next in line for the throne of easy and popular phone games? Will it be Angry Birds? Well this is the most obvious answer, mainly because is one of the few games…

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How Much Of An Architect Are You?

This week we are getting serious, architect serious. But don’t get the wrong idea, we are still concentrated on having fun. X Construction What is so cool about this app? Well I don’t know about you, but I find bridges to be amazing, especially the big ones, like the Golden Gate Bridge or the Millau…

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Trend Up! Try New Android Apps

Hi everybody! This is Yke and starting from today, every week, I will recommend you a cool new Android app. So grab your Android power devices and let’s get droid-ing! Androidify This days is really cool to have a nice-funny avatar, but making one can be a little bit of a downer. But don’t despair…

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