Angelina Jolie Journeys to Cambodia for Louis Vuitton Core Values Campaign

Photo credits: Louis Vuitton/Annie Leibovitz from chicstories. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is the new image for Louis Vuitton’s campaign ‘Core Values’, joining the list of personalities such as Keith Richards, Catherine Deneuve, Bono (U2) and Tony Blair who have starred in the brand’s famous campaign. The campaign was launched in 2007 and each time, it tries…

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Fashion In Movies: Angelina Jolie’s Outfits In The Tourist

The Tourist wasn’t a movie to rank in tops, and it’s not a thriller, nor a romance in my opinion. It’s a movie which emphasizes best Angelina Jolie‘s beauty. All the cameras are on her and  it seems like one simple glimpse of a gesture, or a close up on one of her body parts…

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