Anime Profile Pictures

You can have a sexy waifu or a gun-slinger avatar for your character’s profile picture. Anime profile pictures appeal to aesthetic people. They also give your avatar a more realistic look. These pictures are available in all categories, including sexy waifus, gunslingers, and more. Read on to discover the best options for your profile picture!…

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Meet The People Who Bring To Life The Most Amazing Creatures

Have you ever lost yourself in a fantasy game? Are you a big fan of visual effects and just love to see complex characters, discover new creatures and admire the endless possibility of digital artists? Well then, you’ll enjoy this article for sure. There are amazing communities around this surreal world where the unbelievable gets…

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An Interview with Shaun the Sheep Producer and Animator Peter Lord

A dark, amorphous figure stands by a blackened pewter cauldron and is more like a ghost than a homogeneous form. It stares into the black pit that endlessly snaps and crackles like Meg and Mog’s breakfast, eternally bubbling whilst a figure slowly evolves, getting clearer and clearer. The form comes up to the top of…

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Levni Yilmaz’s Tales Of Mere Existence

Besides the value of truth contained by these animations, it is interesting to observe how their simplicity does not bore you. Levni Yilmaz’s animations do not have CGI ( Computer-generated imagery), things flying at you or 3D effects. They are simple, but not simplistic. He just uses lines, a pleasant voice and witty remarks to…

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Pixar Animations That Can Make the Whole Family Smile

Pixar movies certainly have that special something that can make the whole family smile. Cars, Toy Story, Wall E, Finding Nemo, Ratattouille are just few of the movies that whip up producing the “Awwww” aftertaste. Apart from these well-known titles, Pixar has also produced some other animations that are just as funny and exciting. The kind of…

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