Anime Profile Pictures

You can have a sexy waifu or a gun-slinger avatar for your character’s profile picture. Anime profile pictures appeal to aesthetic people. They also give your avatar a more realistic look. These pictures are available in all categories, including sexy waifus, gunslingers, and more. Read on to discover the best options for your profile picture!…

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What to Do After You Finish Watching Squid Games?

photo from marieclaire. Squid Game is taking over the Internet as potentially Netflix’s most successful series ever, already being the #1 show in over 90 countries around the world. But how did this happen and is it really that revolutionary? Well, the short answer would be: for the Western audience, yes, it might just be….

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One Punch Man: 11 Facts for Die-Hard Fans!

One-Punch Man is a comedy superhero. Nobody could have anticipated the worldwide success it achieved after its first season. It started off as a very simplistic manga that had its anime adaptation and becomes a worldwide sensation after the release of just one season. If you watch anime a lot, it’s very likely you’ll have…

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