Dismaland - Banksy's Latest Art Show

Hidden under the pretenses of a movie set called Grey Fox, which even had a Imdb page, the Dismaland is the new internet sensation. Constructed by the controversial artist Banksy inside an old swimming resort from Weston-super-Mare, this so called “bemusement park” is a sort of an post-riot Disneyland. Here Grim Ripper spins the wheel…

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A look into interactive art galleries

People walk into museums but rarely do they discuss about art. They brag about all the galleries they’ve seen during their last vacation but have no clue about the exhibited art. The truth is most of the people get bored inside a museum and modern artist became aware of this. That’s why many modern art…

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Hyperrealism of Human Beings through Sculpture

What happens when a model maker and puppeteer decides to take up sculpture? Imagine a world of fantasy characters, a world of storytelling and imagination transposed into reality. Well, that’s what happened when  London-based Ron Mueck, quit making puppets for children’s television and films and took raw materials to give life to his imagination. He…

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Plastic Bags – The New Urban Art Trend

What would you do with a plastic bag ? The answer would probably be to use it at shopping or to store something in it. After a while they multiply so much that eventually you will abandon them in a corner or throw them to the trash. A group of anonymous artists called Luzinterruptus in…

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